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February 1, 2008 in News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music

02/01/2008 Well, the final touches have been made to the CD. We are doing all of our own production locally until the demand it too great.

I am very pleased with the quality of the CD face, thanks to the Ginese Boys and Mike S. for their computer skills and for finding the “watershield” CD’s that were made for the inkjet disc printer.

Please pass the word to your family and friends, to teachers and Nurses, and to anyone you know who cares about teaching children good health habits and who wants to have fun doing it.

Please send them to to check out the songs.

The PayPal option should be functioning soon.

Dental Health month is this month, “The Dentist is a Good Guy” and “I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth” are great little toons I know you will find helpful with your youngsters.

Tick season is coming soon, so check out “The Tick Song” while you are here.

Blessing………..Ms. Dawn

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