Dawn Ginese R.N./ The Singing Nurse

I’ve worked with preschoolers and young children for over 40 years and I have been a Nurse since 1995. I love music and enjoy communicating about life, God, and healthy living. It excites me to teach lively preschoolers simple concepts while integrating music and movement, helping a child with health issues to tell their story or writing a song to help a child face their doctor, dentist, audiologist or therapist.  I have interacted with children and families in early childhood education, Head Start, my house of worship and in nursing.  I have had the position of “Music and Movement” special, exploring music education, creating and playing instruments, dancing and singing with babies 6 months old, to very wise Kindergartner and early elementary children.

My musical beginnings started when I took chorus in elementary school and tinkered on the piano of neighbors. Our family bought an organ and I started lessons and while traveling to and from I sang harmony with my father. My father is a veteran square dance caller, plays keyboards by ear and sings. My mother, in the arms of her Maker, had a nice voice and often pretended to be an opera singer for us kids. I started writing songs when I was a senior in high school after realizing how much God loved me and so I say, He has put a song in my heart.

I’ve been married to a musician/husband and pastor for 40 plus years and we’ve been making music since meeting in the early 70’s. We’ve recorded over the years; one album in the late 80’s with great musicians from upstate NY and different Christmas CD’s mostly for friends and family. I continue to write songs as I’m inspired by a need to teach a concept, help someone express themselves by telling their story or by a desire to worship my wonderful awesome Creator. My husband and I have three great kids, all on their own adventure of living and have entered the exhilarating adventures of grand parenting. We continued to make music and have projects on the horizon.

The musical adventures of “The Singing Nurse” started in 2000 when I taught Head Start preschoolers simple health concepts or prepared them for visits with the local Audiologist or Dentist. It was a natural way for me to communicate with these little ones since we both loved and related to music and movement. The young elementary aged kids at our church also enjoyed the songs when they participated in an 8-week series on Psalm 139, God knows all about us. We integrated health themes, self-care and God’s care.

The songs can be used in the home, in public health, in the educational setting, the mission field, or in your house of worship.  I’m having a blast spreading the life and healthy living messages found in my tunes expressed from my life experience.

Health Lessons for Kids“, is a nurse created curriculum for early childhood educators and health educators that includes the words to the songs, motions, lessons, parent letters, crafts, graphics and the first animation. Available now. >>>>>

Other TSN projects: Global Health Songs CD(complete), A video production of the song “I’m Gonna Walk Again” co-written with friend and previous patient Jenna.(complete)(read @ Jenna’s Story under Disabilities)

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