Babies Are Beautiful a new lyrics video

May 25, 2021 in Children's Health Education, Nurturing the Child, The Singing Nurse Music

Hi friends, I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. I worked like a beaver to finish it and here it is for you to enjoy with your kids. It’s all about naming body parts and being kind to helpless dependent babies etc. I would love for you to check it out and leave a comment at my YouTube channel to help the YT algorithms lol.

“Babies Are Beautiful” Video Link: Here

This song is part of the “The Singing Nurse, Health Lessons for Kids” curriculum, it is the 8th lesson. It would have been ideal to have it ready for Mother’s Day, but what can I say, babies are so sweet anytime of year. You can tie it together with Spring & Summer as you celebrate baby animals. The animal book below is adorable about what animal teach us. Love it!

All the Health Lessons Here

A couple adorable books about babies(amazon links at no extra cost to you-they give me a small fee for referring to their products-I will only rec’ products that are helpful and great)

“The New Baby” by Mercer Mayer

“The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby” by Stan Berenstain

”What Pets Teach Us” by Andrea Donner

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