Kids Health Art

Create a Little TSN Books

TSN Little Book I'm Gonna Brush

TSN books can be small or large. Draw pictures of healthy living from the songs. You can use the words from the lyrics. We would love to see your creations. Create a PDF and send it to us. Maybe we might even make it available here on our website.

The one you see above was an attempt by me, as you can see I need some help!

Health Art

It might be more appropriate to have preschoolers and young children draw on a blank white 8×10 piece of paper. Send them to us and we will post their pictures here or take a picture of their creation and email it to us at 

Use bold colors as they show up better when we scan them.  Listen to the songs and read the lyrics to get ideas.


Please don’t forget to sign your creations, first name or first and last name is up to you.

Andrew colored these pictures because he wants other kids to know that candy & soda are bad for your teeth. He wants them to know that if you do eat sweets you need to brush your teeth to get rid of the germs.  Germs can give you tooth decay.

Green tooth


Toothbrush and Tooth

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See Jenna and Andrew star in a couple of videos @ the Kid Videos tab.

Andrew and Jenna, I'm Gonna Brush My Teeth 001