Glenna Murdock, RN, NurseZone.com contributor writes:

Nurse Sings Health Lessons to Kids

Few of us have the opportunity to integrate a favorite pasttime in our workaday world, but Dawn Ginese, RN, is one of the lucky few. Ginese has been a Nurse for 13 years and a musician for most of her life, so when she began a job in a New York State Head Start Program nine years ago, she began using music to communicate health concepts to her young charges…

Prior to her position with Head Start, Ginese worked in home care with quadriplegics and pediatric patients. She has maintained contact with a young female patient who, due to the disease of Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), is now paraplegic but still enthusiastic about her efforts to walk. Together they are writing a song that showcases the girls positive outlook.

“It is fulfilling to be able to use my musical talents, both educationally and therapeutically,” Ginese said. “Helping this 16-year-old girl express her thoughts and hopes gives me immense satisfaction.”

“…my satisfaction comes from being a part of the solution to the puzzle that makes a person’s health better, both emotionally and physically. It is a bonus that I love music and can enjoy communicating healthy living in a fun and educational way with music and movement.”

Glenna Murdock, RN

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Gifted Hands NYC Founder/Director writes:

Just a note to let you know what a positive response we are still getting from the CD and the kits we handed out. The Mom’s came up to me again on Sunday and said all the kids are singing the songs and dancing to them, me too.

What a beautiful piece of healthy, medical, melodious, entertaining, creative piece of art to effect the masses of children with wonderful music and sound advice. You are a genius and I am excited to know you and the kind of work you do. Thank you for thinking of NYC and sharing your art and life with us. 12 women(and their children) will be so much richer because of your CD and thoughtfulness.

I am blessed, thank you again

Dustee Hullinger, Founder/Director

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..reaching out to “the least and the last” in NYC.

…through art, music, spiritual support and other programs.



School Administrator writes:

I loved the music!  We know that children learn best by doing.  I can easily see a group of young children singing and going through a series of hand motions.  I hope your message gets out!

John Healy, School Administrator

Grandmother  writes:

“Dawn, I took a sneak preview and I love your music and so will the littlest of my grandchildren, 2 years and    3 month old granddaughters.  Please send me 3 of your CDs and the check is on it’s way.

I remember you well when you came with Donna East to our church in Yorktown.

God Bless You for blessing others.”

Barbara Mohlsick

Parent writes:

I loved it!  My favorites are Babies are Beautiful and Rubba dub dub.  You are so gifted.  The songs are real catchy.  ( I haven’t stopped humming  Babies are Beautiful).  I wish you much success with the CD and know many children will be blessed in singing your songs to good health and hygiene.

Thanks for sharing your God- given talents.

Praising Him for you- Anna

Mother of Preschooler/High School Math Teacher writes:

The CD helps kids learn about basic health issues with tunes that are very “catchy”, engage toddlers quickly and lend to easy hand motions. We also sing them as we wash our hands and brush our teeth to motivate and remind Josie-Grace.  They are pure fun…”


Author writes:

“The Singing Nurse is a delightful and much needed CD for parents, teachers, and young children.  The health concepts are important and presented in a way that children can easily sing along and remember through fun melodies and catchy accompaniments.  This CD would be a wonderful teaching tool for a health unit in preschool and early elementary school.  It would also be valuable to parents as they teach their children good health habits at home.”

Pam Beall (Co-Author of WEE SING)

Montessori Teacher writes:

“… the concept is brilliant and is a great tool to teach the children their self-care skills.  My children so enjoy the rhythms and beats of the songs…”Don’t Spread your Germs,” “I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth,” and the new one I recently played for them “The Dentist is a Good Guy.”  My 2 and 3 year olds are at the stage when we teach them about self-care.  With this CD learning is made fun through the music and hand motions. It is a well-known fact that music helps to retain information.  I see the positive results when I observe many of my children coughing/sneezing in their shoulders.  February is dental month and the songs…”I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth” and “The Dentist is a Good Guy,” will be playing.  It is an outstanding resource to educate the children in a fun way and I highly recommend it.

Sharyn Oliver

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