This page is in the process, you can google these on your own for now. I really like these sites and the ministries to the needy, some are educational and some provide outreach projects for you and your family. I have been involved in several of these over the years.

NCM-nazarene compassionate ministries, sponsor a child, health, hunger


Gifted Hands NYC-using the arts to reach the needy and lonely in NYC


Operation Christmas Child-a ministry of Samaritan’s purse, giving a shoebox of gifts to needy children around the world.

World Vision-child sponsorship and care to the hungry and needy of the world

bannertoothfairy Toothfairy Cyberspace-a site for fun dental information, pillows, links and jewelry


Nanobugs-microbiology for kids, parents and teachers, cool animated graphics, songs and educational info about viruses and bacteria.

Fun Human Body Systems Games, drag and click-

Other notable sites: American Academy of Pediatric, First Step @ .gov, CDC health sheets,

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