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 Sing Along Health Songs and Songs of Inspiration for Kids and the Whole Family!

Singer/Songwriter, Musician and Nurse Dawn Ginese has written and recorded educational, therapeutic, upbeat, toe tapping & body movin’ songs that will hold the attention of your preschoolers, young elementary children and the young at heart.

Her sing along health songs for active children and songs about life will teach simple concepts to your preschooler and early elementary children about good hygiene, germs, hand washing, brushing teeth, visits to the good guy dentist, the not so scary audiologist, prevention lessons on Lyme and other tick borne diseases, the special love between mother and child and God’s many thoughts of us.


The Music tab is where you can buy and listen to TSN songs, download your favorite songs, download the whole album or purchase physical CD’s.  On the sub-pages you can read the Credits on TSN projects, read the Lyrics and Inspiration behind the songs and view some of The Singing Nurse YouTube Videos.

Health Lessons is where you will find the latest lessons that can be used with The Singing Nurse songs and other interesting health info from The Singing Nurse.

The About page is where you will learn about The Singing Nurse’s musical beginnings, her life now and the future goals of The Singing Nurse.

Read the U Said It!” tab to see what grandmothers, moms, teachers, administrators and author are saying about the music.

Kids page is where you will find some of The Singing Nurse philosophy about Curiosity, Creativity, Art, Music and HealthTSN Little Books/Health Art is our page for the those who like to doodle and express with markers, pen and ink.  The Kid Videos page is a place to view creative videos by healthy minded kids like you.

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