Hand Washing Lessons and more

TSN Curriculum TSN Curriculum w/Music! Included

Lessons:1. Hand Washing
2. Dental Hygiene
3. Dentist Visit
4. Flu Prevention
5. Lyme Disease Prevention
6. Audiologist Visit
7. You are Special
8. Body Parts/Kindness
9. TSN ResourceEach lesson will be accompanied with a song performed and sung by The Singing Nurse! Your kids will love the catchy tunes and sing themselves to a healthier life.

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 Overview from “TSN-Health Lessons for Kids”, Overview of Lessons

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1.  Rubba Dub Dub: Preschooler Hand Washing Song, Lesson Plan, and Animation included.

By The Singing Nurse, Dawn Ginese, RN  2000-2010

“Rubba Dub Dub”, the hand washing song was written for the preschool classes I worked with as a nurse to help them understand that washing our hands, “is the one thing that can make your hands clean”.

Washing our hands helps us get rid of germs and helps us to stop spreading our germs. Preschool teachers have used the ABC and Happy Birthday songs for years to help with the daily hand washing of their young charges.

Sing a new health song with The Singing Nurse to teach your children to get rid of those germs. The children echo back the hand washing song words, as the bubbles pop in the background. You can download Rubb Dub Dub @ www.TheSingingNurse.com  HERE.

The TSN Lessons are broken down in easy to follow format, saves you time and preparation! Yay!

Skills section- describes appropriate early childhood education skill levels learned in the lesson.

Materials needed section: gives detailed list of needed materials to complete the crafts, the games, and the props.

Optional materials section: some lessons include options to make the lesson more exciting and creative.

Lesson Prep section:  is your “to do” list before class.

Lesson/lesson activity section: includes ways to present the lesson with Q and A discussion ideas and a hands on activity to make the session fun and engaging and to reinforce the lesson and song theme.

The Song section- The hand washing and all the TSN health songs includes the lyrics, hand motions, and how to present the catchy songs.

Take home papers/Hands on activities section: will include as many as 2-11 activity options for each lesson that the children will complete and bring home or share on a parent night. The activities include simple crafts, notes to parents, lyrics to songs with health info, classroom group activities and multimedia projects for the energetic and ambitious educators.

The Singing Nurse Resource section: includes color sheets, colorful graphics for games, phrases for lesson sheets/mini books, craft projects and ABC phrase suggestions

The Animation- TSN Health Lessons for Kids, includes Rubba Dub Dub, Hand Washing Animation for Kids.

This above animation was created by Hannah Ginese, MPH, Epidemiologist, health advocate, daughter and more. The video below is a really fun lyric video of “The Tick Song”.

Both available on YouTube.

The original Singing Nurse was drawn by April Matula, Head Start Special Ed preschool teacher, artist, illustrator and friend.

The Singing Nurse, Dawn Ginese, RN © 

Songs & Lessons

Kids really love The Singing Nurse songs & lessons because they are fun. Parents & Educators love The Singing Nurse songs & lessons because they make learning fun.

Gifted Hands NYC Founder/Director writes:

“Just a note to let you know what a positive response we are still getting from the songs, all the kids are singing the songs and dancing to them, me too.”

Parent writes:

“I loved it!  My favorites are Babies are Beautiful and Rubba dub dub.  You are so gifted.  The songs are real catchy.  I haven’t stopped humming  Babies are Beautiful.”

Author writes:

“The Singing Nurse is a delightful and much needed music for parents, teachers, and young children.  The health concepts are important and presented in a way that children can easily sing along and remember through fun melodies and catchy accompaniments.  This CD would be a wonderful teaching tool for a health unit in preschool and early elementary school.  It would also be valuable to parents as they teach their children good health habits at home.”

Have a Blast:  Sing, Dance, Create & Learn

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