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Individual Lessons, Combo Lessons and Total Curriculum package includes:

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Overview of Lessons

Lesson 1) Rubba Dub Dub & Animation-Hand Washing

Lesson 4) Don’t Spread Your Germs Around-Flu Prevention

Combo $5.99


Lesson 2) I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth-Dental Hygiene

Lesson 3) The Dentist Is A Good Guy-Dentist Visit

Combo $5.99


Lesson 5) The Tick Song-Lyme Disease Prevention $3.99


Lesson 6) The Audiologist-Audiologist Visit $3.99


Lesson 7) Just Like The Ocean Sands-You are Special $3.99


Lesson 8) Babies Are Beautiful-Body Parts/Kindness $3.99


All of TSN Health Lessons for Kids-by Download $24.95 (Best Deal & Quickest)


Overview of Lessons

Music Only Downloads-$8.00 TSN direct


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