The music here represents songs that we have written over the years. We hope they inspire you, bring you comfort, bring you encouragement and challenge your faith. 

“On the Right Track” & “Transitions” Albums are available on all streaming platforms. “Invisible Reality” coming soon to streaming. All three albums coming soon to BandCamp.

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Our latest Song Videos: Pink buttons are the “Invisible Reality” Album

Don’t Fret mp3 .99-“Invisible Reality” Album


So Beautiful mp3 .99 cents- “Invisible Reality” Album


Reality mp3 .99 cents- “Invisible Reality” Album


Sweet and Lovely Girl mp3 .99 cents- “Invisible Reality” Album


Heart of Hearts mp3 .99 cents- “Invisible Reality” Album


Alright mp3 .99 cents-“Invisible Reality” Album


Invisible Reality mp3 .99 cents -“Invisible Reality” Album


Sorry it Took So Long mp3 .99 cents -“Invisible Reality” Album


Rescue Me mp3 .99 cents-“Invisible Reality” Album

ON THE RIGHT TRACK Album: 1) Strange Love  2) Full Moon  3) Career Girl  4) Again  5) Lovely Jesus  6) On the Right Track  7) This Lonely Heart  8) Hey Stevie  8) Is it True Love  9) Tonight                  










TRANSITIONS Album: 1) Lately  2) You’re Still Here With Me  3) I Love My Life 4) The Light Shines On Through  5) Here I Am  6) The Wedding Song  7) In Spite of You  8) Love So Beautiful  9) Let It Go  10) Summer to Winter  11) You’re so Good Lord


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