Credits and Thanks

VCC Singers:

Josh & Judy Allen, Peg & Anthony Bonneville

Rebekah Brammer, Judy Eaton, Mike Ginese

Corrina, Caitlynn & Kirsten Kelly

Shawna Kerr, Donna & Christian Kuklis

Trish Leitem, Anthony Lomiento, Jane McGinley

All songs written and arranged by Dawn Ginese

All songs sung by Dawn Ginese except

“Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”- Jackie Rosado

Sound effects & Musicians:

“Babies are Beautiful”-Luc, Rebekah, Caitlynn, Kirsten

“Rubba Dub Dub”-Bubble pops-Jack, Anthony & Peg B.

Live drums on “Babies are Beautiful”-Jonathan Ginese

Keys, Glockenspiel-Dawn Ginese

Additional Keys-Mike Ginese

Guitars and consultation-Mike Ginese

Recorded, Edited, Mixed, Mastered and Web designed at:


by: Engineer Jonathan Ginese

More Thanks

Illustrator: April Matula

Graphic Design: Michael Ginese

CD cover: Jonathan Ginese, Mike Saloomey

Encouragers: Mike, Hannah, Keith(Web help), Michael & Sarah

Jonathan & Jessica(editing), Stevie Z., Sharyn O., Friends @ VCC, Friends @ Astor ECP, Friends @ Acorns to Oaks, my Loving Parents & Families…

Please forgive us if we forgot to mention you.

All gifts and talents dispersed by the Almighty-Special thanks to Him…