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Nurse created Health Lessons for the classroom, for homeschoolers, for nurses and for enthusiastic moms.

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TSN Curriculum TSN Curriculum w/Music!    Included Lessons:
1. Hand Washing
2. Dental Hygiene
3. Dentist Visit
4. Flu Prevention
5. Lyme Disease Prevention
6. Audiologist Visit
7. You are Special
8. Body Parts/Kindness
9. TSN ResourceEach lesson will be accompanied with a song performed and sung by The Singing Nurse! Your kids will love the catchy tunes and sing themselves to a healthier life.

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Hand Washing-Rubba Dub Dub, The Song, The Lesson, The Animation

Wash those germs away with The Singing Nurse, hand motions, activities and more.

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Individual Lessons Now Available! 


 Good Hygiene  Germs  Hand Washing  Brushing Teeth 

 Naming Body Parts  Kindness  You are Special  The Good Guy Dentist 

 The Friendly Audiologist  Lyme Disease Prevention 


♥ Fun Songs!  ♥ Catchy beats!  ♥ Easy learning! ♥ Healthy living! ♥ Saves you time! 

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