Nathan w TSN Ticks w words and color too

Educational songs for life and healthy living! Your Parent/Teacher/Nurse Resource! 

Receive time saving resources to make your day Fun, Upbeat & Educational! Let me help you spend more time teaching your kids and less time researching and planning. My Songs and lessons will teach your children in fun and engaging ways to wash hands, brush teach, not spread germs around, dentist visit and other healthy living subjects. 

Sample The Singing Nurse Songs

Check out the video below to meet TSN, review each lesson & resources while the songs happily play in the background.

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“Just a note to let you know what a positive response we are still getting from the music… The Mom’s came up to me again on Sunday and said all the kids are singing the songs and dancing to them, me too.”

“What a beautiful piece of healthy, medical, melodious, entertaining, creative piece of art to effect the masses of children with wonderful music and sound advice.” 

Dustee Hullinger, Gifted Hands NYC Founder/Director

“the concept is brilliant and is a great tool to teach the children their self-care skills.  My children so enjoy the rhythms and beats of the songs…”Don’t Spread your Germs,” “I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth,” and the new one I recently played for them “The Dentist is a Good Guy.”

“I see the positive results when I observe many of my children coughing/sneezing in their shoulders. It is an outstanding resource to educate the children in a fun way and I highly recommend it.”

Sharyn Oliver, Montessori Teacher 

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