Dental Hygiene & Nat’l Apple Month

Dental Hygiene & Nat’l Apple Month

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 How appropriate to marry National Dental Hygiene Month and National Apple Month.

Both good dental hygiene and crunchy apples are healthy for the teeth of young children. Children will enjoy being introduced to proper dental hygiene and the nutritious goodness of apple snacks.

Projects that integrate crafts, songs and information on healthy living are a fun way to get young children to apply healthy habits to their daily lives.

Below are a couple health lessons to enjoy with your preschool and young children during dental hygiene and apple month.

Tooth project:
  1. Give children two pieces of white paper to draw two teeth.
  2. Instruct them to draw one healthy tooth (show them how to make little lines so it looks like it is sparkling). And have them draw a tooth with decay (tell them to add brown or green on the edges). 
  3. Have the children cut out their teeth creations.
  4. Let the kids pick out a large piece of construction paper, have them pick which color they want, and you or the child should draw a line down the middle.
  5. Paste one tooth on each side.
  6. Have them add little pictures or drawings to the appropriate tooth, of things good for teeth (toothpaste, toothbrush, dentist, etc.) and things bad for teeth (candy, soda).
Apple project:
  1. Draw a picture of an apple on a large piece of paper, label: An apple is a good snacks for my teeth.
  2. Draw, cut and paste smiling white teeth on page, can be from magazines.
  3. Use real apples to make apple prints- dip apples in paint-cut apples in different directions to create various shapes and add to page.
  4. Add nutrition facts like: Apples give us vit. C, Apples are crunchy, Apples are a natural treat. Search apple facts on the internet: lots of info to choose from.

Ten Juicy (Healthy/Crunchy/Little) Apples by Dawn Ginese-to the tune of “Down in the Bottom of an Itty Bitty Pool”

Use fingers to count, point up to tree, add motions for climb and pick etc.

10 Juicy apples, up in the tree, 10 juicy apples just for me,

Climb up the latter, pick if you can, so I climbed and I picked one in my hand  (put it in the basket)

9 juicy apples, up in the tree, 9 juicy apples just for me,

Climb up the latter, pick if you can, so I climbed and I picked one in my hand (put it in the basket)

8 juicy apples…etc.

I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth-by Dawn Ginese, RN

I’m gonna brush my teeth (echo)

Every day (echo)

I’m going to brush my teeth (echo)

Every day (echo)

I don’t want (echo)

Tooth decay, no way

I’m gonna brush my teeth (echo)

Every day (echo)

Chorus: Every day no tooth decay, no way (repeat)

I’m gonna brush my tongue (echo)

For all the lyrics click here.

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Be healthy, be creative and express your joy of healthy living.

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

How has TSN Songs and Lessons helped you in your home or classroom? How will you implement them to teach your children?


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