Happy Mother’s Day!, Tissue Paper Vase

April 29, 2015 in Creative Adventures

tissue paper vase w pictures and wordsTo liven things up a bit my patient Kian and I like to create things. We spend long 12 hour shifts together and he enjoys artsy projects, singing, reading and other activities appropriate for your typical 8-year-old. We originally made this for Valentine’s Day but as you can see an awesome Tissue Paper Vase can be used on many occasions.

Tissue Paper Vase with OJ BottleTissue paper is a wonderful tactile experience. It crinkles, it rips easy, its gentle and also gets nice and slippery in the gluing process.  We used a printed tissue paper this time and just ripped it up and started layering it using thinned Elmer’s type glue(thin with H20). We left the twisty ridges on top of the OJ bottle so mom can also use it with the lid to put things in. If you cut the top at the widest point of the OJ bottle it will make a better vase and the flowers will fit and arrange better. But of course this will remove the container aspect of the bottle. Try it either way, it really comes out nice with the printed tissue paper. 

tissue paper vase with lid, picture and words We created little sayings for the vase. “We Love You Mom!”, “My Three Sons”, etc. I went on my computer and printed out the words and we cut them in strips. We also printed out pictures of Kian & his brothers. We glued the words of love and sweet pictures to the tissue paper vase. Mom says anything with the kid’s pictures always makes it a better keepsake. 

We hope you enjoyed out tissue paper vase project. Is there anything you would like to learn from us here at The Singing Nurse? Health project? We love sharing.

I hope to put out a survey soon to learn more about you and what will make your day more awesome. If you have something pressing in on you and you need ideas or resources, we’d love to help, please comment below. 

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!


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