Paint with Leaves & Flowers, Design Your Own Photo Brag Book Cover

July 4, 2012 in Creative Adventures

Paint with Leaves & Flowers, Design Your Own Photo Brag Book Cover

We wanted to make a special gift for grandma so we put together a small photo book. To make our gift extra special and unique we designed our own cover. We painted with leaves and flowers to enjoy the outside elements. Below are 5 simple steps to create your own unique photo book cover.

Collect all your items:
Leaves & Flowers
Paint and Paint Brush
White Paper & Construction Paper
Scissors, Glue & Markers

1. Paint each leaf one by one and press onto the white paper. Do your bigger items first as the background. Paint your flowers in a different color and press onto the paper. Add a green stem.  Let it dry.

2. Cut around the edges of the print creation and glue it to construction paper, let dry.

3. Write a note on the reverse side, add a title across the front if you like. We did ours in a document, printed it, cut it and pasted it to the picture. ( I actually photo copied our creation onto thicker paper, that way you can use the original creation again if you like.)

4. Remove the inside cardboard cover of your small photo book, use it to measure and cut  your flower picture creation to the correct size.

5. Insert your creation inside the small photo cover slot. Now add some special pictures to your album.

Note: Do the same for the back cover or add a special photo in the back cover slot.

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