Salad Anyone? Healthy Is An Adventure!

May 29, 2018 in Cooking/Nutrition

Hi friend, It is mid spring and our local community garden is about to start it’s season. I know the first offerings are going to be from the salad family so I decided to share with you some salad ideas. I know many of us are very busy, but with a little effort we can make our salad look and taste awesome. I feel if it is pretty enough almost anyone will be willing to try it.

I bought a large tub of baby chard, spinach and kale mix by Olivia’s Organics, any healthy greens will do. I thought it was kind of cool that Olivia’s gives back to the community through their foundation. You can check it out @ Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation.

Remember anything you have on hand in the fruit and veggie family will do. Try to add different colors, tastes and textures to your salad. I love Chef AJ (find her on my Lean Green Nurse YouTube playlist)and many of her awesome videos on YouTube(you can learn most anything on YouTube right?)she talks about layering your flavors. The recent cooking class I completed by ForksOverKnives also taught this technique.



My Super Salad! #HealthyIsAnAdventure My Husband says “yum!”

Ingredients:  Greens, sliced bell peppers, avocado slices, orange & apple slices(I left the white on my orange, I just love it, I also left some as slices and some as  small bite size), chickpeas (rinse & drain), carrot sticks

Nuts: dry toast in a pan ¼c chopped almonds, ¼c sunflower seeds

Add: a couple shakes of cumin, garlic powder, pepper and 1-2 tsp of coconut liquid Aminos(Braggs brand, kind of like soy sauce with coconut flavor)

Topped with cashew cream dressing-soak ½ cup of cashews in h20 for about 45-60 mins, rinse & drain, add 1/3 c ponzu sauce(it’s near the soy sauce @ the grocery store) 1/3 c rice vinegar, 1 tbs maple syrup, 1 tsp Dijon mustard-blend in blender until smooth, add a little h20 if needed.   #WFPBEating

I like learning what I’m eating and you will be surprised by the nutrients in this salad. Check out the protein in the beans & greens(many people are concerned about getting enough protein.) Did you know that 2 cups of green has 3 g of protein. Dr. Barnard from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says it well about protein and how much we really need.










I like this nifty app called NUTRITION Info. When I start talking about a veggies with a child I pull out the app on my phone and type in the veggie name and it gives all the nutrition value. Fun and educational right?

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Have a great end of the school year,

Healthy Is An Adventure!

For Healthy Kids & Families

Ms. Dawn.


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