Yummy Blueberry, Banana, Swiss chard Frozen Blitz

September 30, 2017 in Cooking/Nutrition


It’s still warm out but getting cooler, how about a healthy snack for the kids or your husband. Good all year really, right? I used what I had on hand to create this yummy frozen drink.

You can consume it right after you create it or freeze it and eat it with a spoon.

Set it out about 5-10 mins for easy scooping.

What you will need:

1 banana

½ an apple

½ cup of frozen or fresh blueberries

A handful of raw almond or other nuts

4 dates chopped

2 cups of Swiss chard or spinach

½ cup of almond milk or other plant milk

1 cup of ice cubes

Optional: 1 T Flaxseeds, 1 tsp Tumeric

Blend until smooth.

Add some to small cups and place them in the freezer for later.

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For Healthy Kids and Families,

Ms. Dawn