Babies Are Beautiful and why I Really wrote the Song

January 23, 2017 in The Singing Nurse Music

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Babies Are Beautiful and why I “really” wrote the song.
As you can see it’s been a while since writing this kids song. Way back when I described the inspiration for the song it was in memory of my mom which it was, in part. But, if I were to be totally honest, it was because I was feeling helpless and very sad. I was feeling powerless and grieved because someone I knew was planning an abortion. It was not someone close to me and I didn’t want to be judgmental to the family. It wasn’t because of health and it wasn’t because of a genetic defect in the baby. It was a loving couple and family with a few kids already and they really had a bright future. My understanding is that they felt overwhelmed by the thought of affording another mouth to feed. I can imagine today they probably feel grief over it all.
So in my way of dealing with the unbelievable sadness and loss, I wrote this little positive life affirming song. I know, I thought, I need to teach children at a very young age that life is precious and that babies are fragile and helpless and that we need to treat them gently and kind. I wanted them to know all about the sweet little body parts that are being formed miraculously while in their mama’s womb. Start them early; yes that’s what I was thinking we must do, let’s show them and teach them what’s going on inside that tummy. It really is a miracle and that they were once in their mom’s tum too. And most of all that they are beautiful, just like that little baby in the room that we are all cooing and fussing over.
I’m going to be writing and developing a new video song for the “Babies Are Beautiful” song. I also have some ideas rolling around in my head about a children’s book with the lyrics and pictures of course. If you have a beautiful baby in your life that you would like to show to the world, you can be part by sending me a message that you would like to be part of the project. Use the “Contact” page for more info and put Babies Are Beautiful in the subject.
8. Babies Are Beautiful
Dawn Ginese 11/22/06 Dedicated to my mama, Shirley Jean

Chorus: Babies are Beautiful, Babies are Beautiful
When they grow inside their mama’s tum
It’s a miracle I once was one
I am Beautiful, I am Beautiful
Mama’s love for me grew in her heart
Her love for me right from the start

1) They have two cheeks a growin’, two ears and a nose
They have two shoulders, two knees and ten toes
(Action) Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

2) They have a forehead, they have a winkin’ eye
Nose dropper, chin chopper, just like yours and mine
(Action) Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Break: Babies are fragile, we have to, treat them gently
Babies are helpless, we have to treat them kind Chorus:

3) Their brain is growin’ smart, don’t forget that pumpin’ heart
Bop a doom, Bop a doom
Their hands will reach up high, reach up high to the sky
Their feet will march in time, just like yours and mine
(Action) Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp,

Break: God gave us babies and O Gee, we all were once one
God gave us babies, we have to treat them kind Chorus:

(End) When they grow inside their mama’s tum,
It’s a miracle I once was one,
When they grow inside their mama’s tum, yeah

Original description for my Inspiration
“Babies Are Beautiful” describes the nurturing relationship between mama and baby even “when they grow inside their mama’s tum.” The tune is a reminder to little children, and us older children as well, of how precious our lives really are and that “we all were once one”. I like to describe this song as my “Animal Crackers in My Soup” song, which was sung by Shirley Temple in the 50’s. My mother’s name was Shirley and she used some of these phrases as she spoke mother-ease to her grand babies. I’m sure she probably said them to me as a baby. This song is in loving memory of my mama, Shirley Jean, and her love of babies.

Please spread the word. If you have any further questions please use the “Contact” page and put “Babies Are Beautiful” in the subject line.

Blessings to you,



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