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Babies Are Beautiful a new lyrics video

May 25, 2021 in Children's Health Education, Nurturing the Child, The Singing Nurse Music

Hi friends, I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. I worked like a beaver to finish it and here it is for you to enjoy with your kids. It’s all about naming body parts and being kind to helpless dependent babies etc. I would love for you to check it out and leave a comment at my YouTube channel to help the YT algorithms lol.

“Babies Are Beautiful” Video Link: Here

This song is part of the “The Singing Nurse, Health Lessons for Kids” curriculum, it is the 8th lesson. It would have been ideal to have it ready for Mother’s Day, but what can I say, babies are so sweet anytime of year. You can tie it together with Spring & Summer as you celebrate baby animals. The animal book below is adorable about what animal teach us. Love it!

All the Health Lessons Here

A couple adorable books about babies(amazon links at no extra cost to you-they give me a small fee for referring to their products-I will only rec’ products that are helpful and great)

“The New Baby” by Mercer Mayer

“The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby” by Stan Berenstain

”What Pets Teach Us” by Andrea Donner

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Have and awesome day!

Dawn aka, The Singing Nurse


Who said a Nurse Can’t do Surgery on Germs

May 14, 2020 in Children's Health Education, Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

Who said a nurse can’t do surgery?

I’m very excited you stopped by because I just finished surgery on my new lyric song video “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”. In this time of virus’, bacteria in our kitchens, colds and COVID19, it’s a great time to review how we can stop the spread of germs. The song is lots of fun with hand motions and even some cute little dancing germs. It took many hours to dice and splice it to make it just right so the educational words will stick in your child’s brain. It’s all about making learning easy and fun for you and your children.

This song will make a great addition to “The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids” Lesson 1 & 4 combo which is all about hand washing and and not spreading your germs around.  I hope you and your families will stay safe at home and may you the awesome teacher be filled with energy as you continue to bring learning to kids online.

Go to this page for some hand selected Germ Books including The Singing Nurse’s Free PDF with pictures and lyrics of “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” to read to your kids. And while you’re here Subscribe and grab your free hand washing activity eBook.

Please Let me know how I can help make your teaching easier and fun. Do you have any subjects you would like to teach your children that would also include a fun catchy song?

For Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn

PS Have fun with this Germ Game to play at home with the whole family.

#germs #covid19 #handwashing #songsforkids

New Video! “The Tick Song” Lyme Disease Prevention!

September 2, 2018 in Children's Health Education, Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

I know many of you are saying “Lyme Disease, Its September”?  I recently finished up a video of my song “The Tick Song” so I decided to do a little extra research as to the status of Lyme disease. Actually I wanted to have some back-up as to why I made this video at the end of summer instead of the beginning of spring. So if you think I’m late save this for your lessons in spring, but if you realize that we are still spending time outside read on.

Yes the CDC says the busiest time for ticks is spring through early fall.

It’s never too late or early to act in prevention to the bite of those pesky ticks and the diseases that they bring like Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Lyme disease. It is no picnic any time of year.

The Song says it all and the lessons help you teach it to your kids in a fun way. The Lyme Disease Prevention lesson for kids, tick graphics and color sheet, letters to parents and “The Tick Song” are all included and now you can share this fun & catchy video lyrics song with the kids, I promise they will astound you with what they remember.

Lesson link here.

Where ticks like to bite CDC.









Disease cases by state @ CDC

Purchase “The Tick Song”

Purchase Lesson & Song

Have an Awesome School Year

Healthy Is An Adventure!

Ms. Dawn aka TheSingingNurse

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Merry Christmas! What’s up now?

December 28, 2017 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, The Singing Nurse Music

Hi Friends,

Hi, what’s up and did you have a great Christmas? Below is a picture before we opened presents this year. We gathered as a family, combining 4 families and all the kids gifts. We have such abundance don’t we?

The days preceding Christmas we traveled 14 hours along highway 81, snacked, ate, spilled, bickered and tried to synchronize our potty stops, yeah right?
We ate and ate, tried to sleep, rock climbed(inside of course because it was in the 30’s brrrr in Tennessee),went for walks to help kids expend energy, wedged in naps and ate some more.
We saw the “Polar Express” movie, very fun movie with awesome 3D effects, baked cookies for the local fire department and took a walk to deliver them, the kids really enjoyed it.
We did a lot of laughing and watching how the kids interacted with each other, cute and very entertaining and did I say eat? Of course, lots of eating and snacking.
We love our kids and grand kids but it is good to be home and get back to “normal”.
So what else have I been up to? I created some cute t-shirts for the grand kids…”Strong Kids Eat Plants “ with pictures of all of them making muscles with a carrot, apple, pear and broccoli, and gave one to each of their moms and auntie.

If you have any interest in having one let me know. It can also be customized with your child/children’s picture.
So what about the future in 2018…
I am taking a Plant Based cooking course in January because in the past couple years I changed to a Whole Food Plant Based way of eating and I am enjoying the health benefits like lowering my cholesterol. I’m a nurse right? I want to learn more tasty ways to get in more fruits, veggies, beans, potatoes, legumes and quinoa etc., you know all that healthy stuff that comes from the earth. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about it.
I continue to do fun projects with my patient that can be transferred to home or classroom activities with your kids.
I would love to hear how your Holiday Season has gone. Do you have any funny stories any healthy recipes, any questions or ideas?
All of this sharing to bring us back to what Christmas is really about. Here are the words to a Christmas song I wrote awhile back when I was getting sad one Christmas. It’s so easy to get caught up in the commercialism and activities of the season and miss the point.

“People and Presents” Lyrics

People and presents, all around the tree
But what Lord, oh what, have You received from me
A sentimental mind, thinking only of me
Wondering what gifts I’d receive
Forgetting all about You

Did you get the gift, you felt you deserved
Were you let down, or were you hurt
A sentimental mind, thinking only of me
Wondering what gifts I’d receive
Forgetting all about You

And on that star filled night
When shepherds came to see
The One who came to die
For you and I, for you and I

Well we almost missed, the point you see
The gift God has given, for you and for me
What shall we give to Him, on this very day?
We give You, we give You our praise
We give You, we give You our praise

What shall we give to Him, on this very day?
We give You, we give You our praise
We give You, we give You our praise
By Dawn Ginese 1980’s

I hope you had an awesome Christmas and Holiday season,
Blessings to you and yours…
Have a Happy New Year too!
Ms Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Link to a personal Christmas video on YouTube
Link to a germ lessons & poster
Link to TSN songs

Babies Are Beautiful and why I Really wrote the Song

January 23, 2017 in The Singing Nurse Music

1000 x julia and cousin w words

Babies Are Beautiful and why I “really” wrote the song.
As you can see it’s been a while since writing this kids song. Way back when I described the inspiration for the song it was in memory of my mom which it was, in part. But, if I were to be totally honest, it was because I was feeling helpless and very sad. I was feeling powerless and grieved because someone I knew was planning an abortion. It was not someone close to me and I didn’t want to be judgmental to the family. It wasn’t because of health and it wasn’t because of a genetic defect in the baby. It was a loving couple and family with a few kids already and they really had a bright future. My understanding is that they felt overwhelmed by the thought of affording another mouth to feed. I can imagine today they probably feel grief over it all.
So in my way of dealing with the unbelievable sadness and loss, I wrote this little positive life affirming song. I know, I thought, I need to teach children at a very young age that life is precious and that babies are fragile and helpless and that we need to treat them gently and kind. I wanted them to know all about the sweet little body parts that are being formed miraculously while in their mama’s womb. Start them early; yes that’s what I was thinking we must do, let’s show them and teach them what’s going on inside that tummy. It really is a miracle and that they were once in their mom’s tum too. And most of all that they are beautiful, just like that little baby in the room that we are all cooing and fussing over.
I’m going to be writing and developing a new video song for the “Babies Are Beautiful” song. I also have some ideas rolling around in my head about a children’s book with the lyrics and pictures of course. If you have a beautiful baby in your life that you would like to show to the world, you can be part by sending me a message that you would like to be part of the project. Use the “Contact” page for more info and put Babies Are Beautiful in the subject.
8. Babies Are Beautiful
Dawn Ginese 11/22/06 Dedicated to my mama, Shirley Jean

Chorus: Babies are Beautiful, Babies are Beautiful
When they grow inside their mama’s tum
It’s a miracle I once was one
I am Beautiful, I am Beautiful
Mama’s love for me grew in her heart
Her love for me right from the start

1) They have two cheeks a growin’, two ears and a nose
They have two shoulders, two knees and ten toes
(Action) Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

2) They have a forehead, they have a winkin’ eye
Nose dropper, chin chopper, just like yours and mine
(Action) Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Break: Babies are fragile, we have to, treat them gently
Babies are helpless, we have to treat them kind Chorus:

3) Their brain is growin’ smart, don’t forget that pumpin’ heart
Bop a doom, Bop a doom
Their hands will reach up high, reach up high to the sky
Their feet will march in time, just like yours and mine
(Action) Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp,

Break: God gave us babies and O Gee, we all were once one
God gave us babies, we have to treat them kind Chorus:

(End) When they grow inside their mama’s tum,
It’s a miracle I once was one,
When they grow inside their mama’s tum, yeah

Original description for my Inspiration
“Babies Are Beautiful” describes the nurturing relationship between mama and baby even “when they grow inside their mama’s tum.” The tune is a reminder to little children, and us older children as well, of how precious our lives really are and that “we all were once one”. I like to describe this song as my “Animal Crackers in My Soup” song, which was sung by Shirley Temple in the 50’s. My mother’s name was Shirley and she used some of these phrases as she spoke mother-ease to her grand babies. I’m sure she probably said them to me as a baby. This song is in loving memory of my mama, Shirley Jean, and her love of babies.

Please spread the word. If you have any further questions please use the “Contact” page and put “Babies Are Beautiful” in the subject line.

Blessings to you,



Countdown to Spring Video Project, I need your help!

February 22, 2015 in Creative Adventures, The Singing Nurse Music

Ok here’s the deal…I need your help again!!! I am letting you peek into my little homecare nurse day with my sweet SMA1 patient Kian. His mom suggested that we needed a calendar to countdown to spring. I’ll tell you more about her later. So we made a calendar and sang a little song about counting down to spring. I am finishing up on a recording with drums and keys.

Your part: I need some pictures of you with enough space on either side or up above your face or body so I can add numbers to the pictures in the video. We are counting down right?

I know many of you have been dumped on by the snow lately and you are hoping for warmer weather. My facebook page and computer have been totally lined up with all those green dots indicating people are online and staying out of the cold.

So, send me some happy faces because you know spring is coming soon. They can be a little crazy or you can go outside and stand next to and point to one of those hugendo icicles.

I’d love some pictures of your kids or grandkids. Please keep it family oriented.

Please send your pictures with a note saying you give The Singing Nurse permission to use them in a video, ebook, on TSN website or in promotional products. Please send pictures to By emailing your pictures, you are giving express permission for them to be used.

We thank-you in advance.  

Happy Countdown to Spring!


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Create a Hand Washing Sing-a-long Book

September 29, 2014 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

The results you will see from the fun loving activities below are why I love teaching preschoolers how to wash their hands. It’s not only that they will learn how to properly wash their hands, but it’s seeing the light go on in their little heads. And of course, we will have fewer germs flying around that can cause colds and the flu.

Rubba Dub Dub, Handwashing song

The number one action we can take to help stop spreading germs and those dreaded runny noses this year is washing our hands. 

I would like to share with all of you teachers, parents and healthcare providers how to create memorable learning experiences that will get your kids happily washing their hands. And… being healthy, not ill and cranky!

This will be a series of posts, so please subscribe so you won’t miss the fun. You will also receive a free, very colorful downloadable/printable “Hand Washing Activity eBook”.

 I will start with Option 9 & 10 from “The Singing Nurse, Health Lessons for Kids” curricula as a starting point. I love making and using visuals with kids.

Option 9 in “TSN Health Lessons for kids”, in lesson 1.

Take pictures of your children at hand washing time, create a class book or poster so the children can find themselves, or create a slideshow with “Rubba Dub Dub “ in the background.

Option 10 in “TSN Health Lessons for kids”, in lesson 1.

Create an ABC Health Book…

An added option: Adding words and editing pictures.

Take pictures like I have above and add little sayings. A future post will describe how to do this.

So for our 1st post today we will look at Option 9:

1. Create a Sing-A-Long Book: Take a bunch of pictures of your kids during hand washing time:

Keep in mind all the actions to washing hands and the lyrics to the song, see below.

Take pictures of: Turning the water on, “make some soapsuds”, “rinse your hands”, picture of kids pointing up with 1 finger, “wash your hands” (picture of several children or your whole classroom with hands raised)

Add (copy and paste) each picture to a document page and add the phrases to the bottom of the page. This can be done easily in “word”. You can add fun borders too or use colorful stationary paper that already has a cool border.  If you need help with “word”, please comment below.  A detailed “how to” can be a future post.

Download the song from the player here

Download from CDbaby

Download from iTunes

Song: Before singing the song show and say to the children “this is how an Opera singer sings”, hold hands to your chest and sing a little operatic scale (“We will waasssh our hands”…like the one in the song)Ham it up a bit, here’s your big chance to belt it out, the kids will love it. When the song starts you can pretend to turn on the water, pump some soap into your hand and start to rub your hands together. At the end of the song pretend to take a paper towel to turn off the water and dry your hands and then throw the paper towel in the trash.

1.  Rubba Dub Dub- Dawn Ginese 2003 Lyrics and Motions  

Rubba Dub Dub (echo) Rub hands together as if washing hands, rub between fingers etc. continue through 1st verse.

Make some soap suds (echo)

Rubba Dub Dub (echo)

Make some soap suds (echo)

Rubba Dub, Rubba Dub, Rubba Dub, Rubba Dub

Make some soap suds

Rinse your hands (echo) Hang hands down letting the water rinse the soap off, flip hands back and forth, continue through 2nd verse.

Rinse the soap suds (echo)

Rinse your hands (echo)

Rinse the soap suds (echo)

Rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse,

Rinse the soap suds

What is the one thing that can make your hands clean? Hold up one finger.

(Wash your hands) Raise both hands, open and shut them on each word.

We will waaaaaaaaaaaaash our hands. Hold hands to chest like an opera singer, tilting head back and forth.

 2. Create a Classroom Poster: You can use the same pictures and solicit pictures from family and friends so the children can find and point out people they know that also wash their hands. This is similar to where’s Waldo right? It’s fun! Trim your pictures, paste them to your poster board, add words like “We wash our hands to wash germs away” or “Rubba Dub Dub, make some soap suds”.

3. Create a slide show: Again you can use the same pictures. If you are at a preschool program make sure and include the teachers, assistants, the director and school nurse. If you need help with this, comment below and I will create a post on how to do this.

 Download the song from cdbaby or iTunes or directly from TSN. This lesson is also available as an individual lesson download if you prefer.

 For Happy Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn

 Option 10 Post : How to Create an ABC Health Book

Can’t wait? I understand, here’s the whole downloadable book; more info on the ABC book is on page 19 in the Resource section of “The Singing Nurse-Health Lessons for Kids”. See more detail.

Please comment below if this post was helpful to you. Please be a sweetie and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

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Free Christmas Music

December 17, 2013 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music

Merry Christmas!

Free Christmas music from The Singing Nurse for the whole family.

Tell a friend! Listen to the true meaning of Christmas. Send me a note requesting my FREE Christmas songs via my contact page and I will send you my 3 Christmas songs. Below are short lyric excerpts from each. Scroll down  to watch the Video Song.


Christmas tree painted 09

True Love…

“Born in a manger bitter sweet,

born for the nails in His hands and feet,

it was in His plan, to bruise Him in His side

born a man, so the world would see, His love…”

The First Time…

“How does the mother of my Lord come to me

And Mary when you entered the room

The child within lept within my womb

Oh Mary, how will you feel…”

People and Presents…

“People and Presents all around the tree

But what Lord, oh what, have You received from me

a sentimental mind, thinking only of me

wondering what gifts I’d receive

forgetting all about you…”

Blessings to you and yours, TSN, Ms. Dawn


 True Love Music Video with vintage pictures

First posted Dec 2010 by Dawn Ginese/The Singing Nurse

Mow that Grass Daddy! (song)

June 5, 2013 in Creative Adventures, The Singing Nurse Music

Dads all over the nation have begun the continuous task of mowing the lawn during the summer season.

These two dads meet at their borders for some chat and a cold drink while taking a break from lawn mowing.

Father’s are so important to the family. When you come across a great one he is priceless.

Dad’s make a lasting impressions and make kids feel secure.  Hug your kids dad and tell them how wonderful they are. 

Billy Graham writes on Fathers:

“One of the most important things you can do for your children is to let them know you love them—clearly and often.
Tell them you love them … hug them … spend time with them … listen to them … encourage them.”

The song below is dedicated for Father’s Day to our wonderful dads that so lovingly care for their families.

Have a Wonderful Father’s Day!

See more Father’s Day links below. What are you doing special for the dad in your life?

Father’s and Daughters

Labor to Preserve the Goodness

Dad I’m a lot Like You (poem)

Meeting of the Two Year Old Mind

Father’s Day Activities gathered by Deb Chitwood from Live Montisouri Now

Father’s Day Activities gathered by Deborah J. Stewart from Teach Pre-School

Billy Graham on a Father’s Love for his children. 

Ms. Dawn, creator of The Singing Nurse

Let me know if you would like the lyrics with chords…

How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids-Part 2

April 3, 2013 in Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

Who wants to make music time a blast for kids?

Keep it simple…

Keep it joyful…

Keep it fun…

Keep it stress free…

Creating music and keeping it simple makes for a stress free and fun music time. Who can agree making a joyful noise and being a little silly is a great way of expressing yourself and having a blast while you do it?

I hope you will stick with me as we continue through this series. You may not feel musically inclined and can appreciate some encouragement. I would love to help with that. Many of the songs I have written came about while playing on a simple keyboard like the Casio SA-76.

I know you can do it, every way is the right way, and sure to bring some joy and pleasure to your kids.

The Proverb still rings true : “A merry heart does good like a medicine”.

Today’s post will cover:

*Easy ways to pep up an old familiar song

*Using simple keyboards: beats, patterns and chord progressions

In the video below is the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I used the “pattern” # 45 that the Casio SA-76 describes as a “Free Session”. This means it is a pre-recorded chord progression. It is a little song with no words. How cool is that, all you have to do is press “pattern” and the number 4 then 5 and press the Start/Stop button. Put the tempo @ 5 and the song is ready just as I did in the video.

I looked up the words to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and did not realize that it has such cool words. All to do with stars of course. I made up a simple melody(the kids can even help with that-a future post), I added a simple chorus with hand motions for the kids to sing.

So glad you stopped by. Music keeps flowing here from The Singing Nurse and friends. Can you share how you are having a musical blast with kids? Or do you have a questions?

To hear and purchase TSN music that teaches good health habits and more click here.

Click here to review other posts you may enjoy.

 Click here to read Part 1 of “How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids”.
For Healthy Happy Kids,
Ms. Dawn

Amazon Link for Casio SA-76 below

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