Candy Christmas Tree Creation

December 17, 2013 in Chronic Illness - Disabilities, Creative Adventures

Kian w tree w words

 Most of us like a little candy during the Christmas season. Kian and I wanted to show appreciation to all his nurses and therapists so we created a simple Christmas Candy Tree. We made it with poster board, stickers, candy, a bow, a star and a Christmas pin. It took about an hour to create this Christmas Candy Tree Craft. Have some fun, spread a little cheer, make and bring one to a Christmas Party or use it as a center piece for one of your holiday gatherings.

decorate with sticker tape to paper plate

Create a cone(use 1/2 sheet size poster board)and tape it to a white paper plate. Use hand over hand with disabled children to place stickers on the cone. Attach a Star with a Christmas message. Details for creating a cone.

Place tape on the ends of the candy and help your kids tape it to the tree. Use hand over hand with handicapped or disabled children. All children like to see the results of touching and building a creation.

hand over hand with Kian w words

Wrap a box and place your creation on top. We also added a simple bow and a Christmas bear pin.

add a star, bow and pin witih words

Find out more about Kian and SMA1. SMA1 is the leading cause of death in children under 2 years of age. You can be tested to see if you are a carrier. Kian is now 7 years old and doing well. He has 24 hr nursing care, has short teaching sessions with a special education teacher 5 days a week, has PT, OT, ST, a regular dietitian visit and now enjoys chiropractic sessions. Kian lives a very busy life. He has many limitations but feels like all other children.

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Candy Christmas Tree Creation


    1. neda azadivatan says:

      Dawn you are awsome! kian is very lucky to have you as his nurse and Pal. thanks again for all you do. you sure make a difference in this special boys life

    2. admin says:

      It is my pleasure, where else can you have so much fun and be with an awesome boy and family.

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Candy Christmas Tree Creation

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