Flu Shot Quiz & Wash hands too!

January 18, 2013 in Children's Health Education

Get a Flu Shot & Wash Your Hands!

Hey there, I went and received my Flu shot today. I usually get mine in October but I have been fighting the sniffles off and on.  I still have to wait two week for it to work.

The CDC say the Flu shot is our best defense against the flu, but hand washing and covering our sneeze and coughs are helpful prevention actions. The Doc says it take 2 week to build up immunity, so get going, go get your shot. Reports say that the flu is wide spread and already touching all states.

Teachers and parents test your knowledge with the cool flu quiz below.

Have you missed work or school because of the flu? Let us know how the flu is hitting your area and what you have been doing to protect you and your families?

Below are some fun activities and previous posts about germ prevention.

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Have a Healthy New Year, Ms. Dawn

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