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Eat the Colors of the Rainbow!

April 23, 2019 in Children's Health Education, Cooking/Nutrition

There is nothing more health promoting than getting your children involved in healthy meal preparations. Check out the excellent informative kid produced video below.










Here’s the link to the well produced kids video by Shannon if needed.

#HealthyIsAnAdventure Please sent us a picture of your healthy veggie meal. Maybe we’ll share it with our friends.

Have a great week, enjoy the warmer weather, Yay!

For Healthy Kids & Families,

Ms. Dawn

For some of my favorite plant based doctors, recipes and gardening hacks checkout my playlist on my YouTube channel called “Lean Green Nurse“.

New Video! “The Tick Song” Lyme Disease Prevention!

September 2, 2018 in Children's Health Education, Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

I know many of you are saying “Lyme Disease, Its September”.  I recently finished up a video of my song “The Tick Song” so I decided to do a little extra research as to the status of Lyme disease. Actually I wanted to have some back-up as to why I made this video at the end of summer instead of the beginning of spring. So if you think I’m late save this for your lessons in spring, but if you realize that we are still spending time outside read on.

Yes the CDC says the busiest time for ticks is spring through early fall.

It’s never too late or early to act in prevention to the bite of those pesky ticks and the diseases that they bring like Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Lyme disease. It is no picnic any time of year.

The Song says it all and the lessons help you teach it to your kids in a fun way. The Lyme Disease Prevention lesson for kids, tick graphics and color sheet, letters to parents and “The Tick Song” are all included and now you can share this fun & catchy video lyrics song with the kids, I promise they will astound you with what they remember.

Lesson link here.

Where ticks like to bite CDC.









Disease cases by state @ CDC

Purchase “The Tick Song”

Purchase Lesson & Song

Have an Awesome School Year

Healthy Is An Adventure!

Ms. Dawn aka TheSingingNurse

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7 Resources, Healthy Living in Your Own Backyard!

April 9, 2017 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates

Updated 4/9/17 The Singing Nurse Health Tip #2

I am turning 60 this year(62 now) and want to increase my energy and better my overall health. I’ve been trying to make my activity more intense and eating more healthy. I’ve been trying to get creative with my workouts, and with summer weather here, being outdoors is so refreshing. I have come across some great resources that are fun and encouraging. If you hang out with kids, I know you like fun, and who doesn’t thrive on loads of encouragement.

Being healthy does not have to be expensive, nor does healthy living have to be boring. The main motivator though, is, “do you want it?’. Sometimes we are forced to change our choices because of health reason or a health crisis. Hopefully, if we are willing to learn and live wise, we can live well-rounded lives before a crisis ever develops.  Being stronger may even prevent injuries and keep us out of the emergency room.

So, I will share my ideas and give you the resources that I have discovered.

Resource # 1.

BodyDoOverI’ve been listening to a great Podcast called “Body Do Over”. Two guys talk back and forth about workouts, eating, weight loss plateaus and myths in the fitness world. John is the knowledgeable trainer and Matt is the eager trainee with all the questions. The podcast is lots of fun, very enthusiastic and encouraging. Kelly, a nutrition and training expert has joined the team to give a well-rounded approach to healthy eating of course, that makes you want to keep on track. There is a free quick start PDF over at, very helpful.

Podcast BodyDoOver


Resource #2

Cardio Sprint Training, Dawn Ginese

Body Do Over has several days of Cardio/Sprint workouts. So I have included my deck as my workout space on those days. I set the alarm on my smartphone to start with a 5 min warm-up of walking and arm swinging, then set the alarm for every 1 minute to do intervals of brisk walking and stair climbing. So it is 5 min warm-up, 20 mins of intense walking and stairs and a 5 min cool down of walking or stretching. You can listen to your favorite music or I like to listen to the podcast over again which gives continual encouragement and motivation.








Resource #3

Cool Healthy Apps

There are a couple apps that I like that can also help track your progress and even help you while you are away from your usual workout space.

nexerciseNexercise” is an awesome app which helps you track your workouts, it gives you badges and levels to help motivate you. Nexercise has a gift/rewards component that I have not taken part of yet. Nexercise also has a social element to which I have not taken part either, but the tracking aspect is cool to see your accomplishments.


workouts appWorkouts” is a cool app that includes videos that you can watch right on your smartphone. You can choose to target abs, arms, butt, cardio, legs or full workout. The free version is great, you can choose from 10, 20 or 30 min workouts. You can also set an alarm to remind you about working out. This one is fun to do with the kids, you know how they like their gadgets. 




Resource #4

Great YouTube channel

fitness blender FitnessBlender” has loads of great intense workouts. I like the ones with Kelli the female workout coach. Go to their website and make sure to check out the  FitnesBlender YouTube Channel. I use it on my smart TV.

Intense workouts of 30 minutes can be very effective. A 1 hour walks or other long workouts are great too. The point is to get moving. 


Resource #5

Below is a cool drink recipe I came up with.  It is healthy and affordable.

Yummy protein drink, Dawn Ginese, RN

Blueberry Protein Drink, Dawn Ginese


1 banana or 1 cup of blueberries or both

1/4 cup almonds

1/2 cup Go Lean

1 cup plant-based milk

Add a talk glass of ice, a few shakes of cinnamon and all other ingredients in a blender for a yummy, icy, nutty sweet treat.**Note I’m learning that more protein is not necessarily better, especially animal protein. See nutrition links below.

Resource #6

fat vs muscleJust for fun I wanted to let you see an example of 5 lbs of fat vs. 5 lbs of muscle. As you can see fat takes up more space. So, your scale may not be an accurate tool to see how you are progressing towards your health goals. How your clothes are fitting and how your energy level has increased is a truer picture of better fitness.






Resource #7

I’ve have recently taken a nutrition course that is very informative and science based. You will be surprized at the research that has gone in to nutrition and how is effects our health. I will include few links below that will talk about diabetes 2, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and more of the top killers effected by the “Standard American Diet”

The China Study with T Colin Campbell

This is a nice overview of “The China Study” and the research aspect. This same website has lots of great recipes and personal stories of changing to a plant based diet and how it has improved health.

Chef AJ 

I love all of Chef AJ’s YouTube cooking demos. I really enjoy the ones called: The Chef and the Dietician. Together they make some yummy dishes and have some cool cooking tools to make cooking simple, healthy and fast.

Hope you have a wonderful summer with lots of R & R and peace. 

For Life & Healthy Living,


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Hand Washing & Four of our Favorite Fun Summer Time Activities for Kids!

June 22, 2016 in Children's Health Education

Four Favorite Fun Activities for Kids

Summer time is always a great time to kick back and live life a little less scripted. I have gathered four of my favorite posts here at The Singing Nurse website. Included in the posts are creative activities and crafts and grabbing teachable moments about washing hands and being safe. We hope you enjoy and include some R & R. 



1st Post: Turtles, Hand Washing, Craft & Song

photo 4This posts describes turtle safety and info about hatchlings including a video, pretty awesome.  It includes suggested activities about hand washing. It also shows you how to make a fun turtle craft made from an oatmeal box. A little turtle poem is here as well which is an unrecorded song at this point.



2nd Post: Holes in Rocks & Shells, Beautiful Mobiles

This is aCollect your shells and rocks w holes complete tutorial about collecting rocks and shells with holes and stringing them to create a mobile. It is really beautiful and a nice reminder of your vacation.




3rd Post: Stingrays and Handwashing

Hungry Stingray!

Basic info about stingrays and the importance of hand washing. Cute pictures of my grandsons.




4th Post: Just Like the Ocean Sands-Psalm 139

half size seagulls IMG_0180_1391This is a post about the song by the same name. The lyrics and the history about the song is included in this post. A lesson, activities, crafts and the song are available as a download. Check it out, you can also listen to it here.



If you are a teacher, a nurses or a home school family we hope you join our community of healthy minded educators. Our kids need our guidance and nurturing presence. Our lessons are fun & easy and save you time.

Please have a safe & fun summer…Get some rest…

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For Healthy Happy Kids!

Ms. Dawn




Lyme Disease Prevention for Kids, Song & Fun Activities!

April 20, 2015 in Children's Health Education

Tick color sheets and graphic sample

Well it is true, the reports are coming in that Lyme and other Tick borne diseases will be higher than ever. We need to protect and teach our children lyme disease prevention. The tick cycle, the small acorn crop and the low count of mice may be some reasons for the increase of Lyme disease this year. Less mice means the ticks will be looking for other ways to feast and that means our children and us.



CDC info on Lyme

WebMD info on Lyme

Colorful Comic Page for Kids PDF

Don’t forget to stop by our music page to hear “The Tick Song”. Our Lyme Disease Prevention lesson includes a Lyme disease bookmark craft, tick coloring sheet, a full musical production project with signs, costume and props, the kids love learning the silly disease names, Erhlichiosis, Babesiosis and Lyme of course. All of our lessons include TSN sing-a-long songs.

Below is a sample page from “TSN Health Lessons for Kids”, Lyme Disease Prevention-lesson # 5

The Singing Nurse-Lyme Disease Prevention Lesson for Kids

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Let us know your tick stories, comment below.

Happy Spring!

Enjoy the warmer weather and think prevention!

Ms. Dawn

>INDIVIDUAL Lyme Disease Lesson #5 <

You may like our last Lyme disease post and the adorable toddler in the picture.

 What others are saying about The Singing Nurse music and health lessons.

→Lyme Disease Song & Lesson #5←

***UPDATE: The Tick Song Video with Lyrics

Montesorri Teacher Writes:

“With this CD learning is made fun through the music and hand motions. It is a well-known fact that music helps to retain information.  I see the positive results…”

Dental Hygiene, Kids Free Fun PDF

February 10, 2015 in Children's Health Education

Updated: originally posted Feb. 2012

Hi from The Singing Nurse,

Just created a free dental fun sheet that you can use in a snap. It helps kids learn how to:

1.draw happy and sad faces and

2.choose what makes our teeth happy or sad.

Use it during dental health month to spice up your dental lesson plan. 

The Singing Nurse’s dental hygiene and dentist visit lessons includes a fun game which incorporates my fruit and veggie graphics, and of course happy and sad faces.

Both, “I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth” and “The Dentist is a Good Guy” are fun songs to teach kids about good dental care and that the dentist is a good guy. The easy to follow combo lesson 2 & 3 is available on our “Individual Lessons” page.

Happy Brushing, don’t forget to brush your tongue too.

For Healthy Kids, Ms. Dawn

 Click What makes sad happy teeth to get your free PDF activity sheet.


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Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Other resources: Preschool Plan-It with Ms. Cheryl, lots of great activity ideas.

Check out TSN Dental Theme Pinterest Boards.*Dental Hygiene, *Dentist Visit

Make a comment below let us know what you are doing to teach your children about good dental care.

“Be My Healthy Valentine” Poster & Cards for Teachers & Nurses

January 9, 2015 in Children's Health Education

Valentines Day w TheSingingNurse

Hi there my healthy minded friends. Need that special message of healthy living for your students or patient or that special child in your life. Do you need to remind them to not spread their germs around? These two items will do just that in a fun and colorful way. Enjoy my recently created Valentines Poster and Valentines Cards.

“Be My Healthy Valentine”, “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”, “Wash Your Hands, Cough & Sneeze in Your Shoulder”.

Print as many posters as you like to hang around your school or medical offices etc. It would look really nice if you glued the poster to a burgandy colored paper simular to the dinner mats displayed behind the print-outs. Print the Cards on card stock paper and give them to those special kids in your life.

Free Download!

Other TSN products .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Dawn 

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Hand Washing Activity book sample aug 2013 Dawn Ginese RN resized w TSN


 Don’t forget to check out the health songs on the Music for Children page

My Purell Airplane Trip!

November 30, 2014 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates

purell with words

3 Things I do with Purell Hand Sanitizer.

I just wanted to send out a quick post to remind you about the cold and flu season just about to bombard all of us. I was recently away with family for the Thanksgiving Holiday and came home to the snowy bitter cold of the northeast. The snow is beautiful but best when you don’t have to go anywhere.

So what does all this have to do with airplanes etc.

3 things I do with Purell.

1.  I carry purell where ever I go. It is always hanging from my purse for quick use.

2.  My husband and I have this little ritual while traveling. We squirt the Purell on a tissue and wipe down our area in the plane: the arms and buttons of our seats, the levers, the fold down tables and the magazine pocket edges. Read Dr. Oz’s “Toxic Travel-How to Stay Healthy” post where he explains how these areas are especial germy. Really, how clean can the airlines make the planes with only 10-15 minutes in between unloading and loading passengers? Not much…so we sanitize.

3.  I make sure my husband has his own hand sanitizer.

Things to remember, refill your hand sanitizer bottles when you are at home. It would be great to leave a larger bottle in the car so you can refill before you take off on your adventures.

A bonus today is that Purell has a 30 Days of Sharing & Caring campaign going on right now. I wanted to pass it on to you because it would be a great activity to share with your children. They have a printable chart of good deeds to do like: Bake cookies, Share your lunch, Make someone laugh, Donate clothes/coats etc. Purell is also awarding weekly gifts and prizes to participants. The grand prize is $5,000.00.  You can check it out at Get going quick because it ends Dec. 16th.

Have a Wonderful Christmas Holiday Season.

Ms. Dawn

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Healthy Living ABC Book for Kids in 7 Simple steps

October 29, 2014 in Children's Health Education

Create a Healthy Living ABC Book for Kids

Creating a color rich and picture filled ABC book together with the kids is loads of fun. A Healthy Living ABC Book is even better, which teaches and reinforces lessons for your preschooler in regards to hand washing, brushing teeth and whatever area of healthy living you choose to teach.  Kids will identify with the fun filled healthy habits and become healthy habit ambassadors.  Trust me, they will catch you and remind you of what to do. This is a great way for your children to learn and review their healthy habits a gazillion times over. They will love finding themselves and people they know practicing healthy living.

ABC Healthy Book pagesSo the easiest and quickest way to create your book is by using paper that already has a fun border.Your local office/school supply store and even Amazon have a nice selection of kid/school stationary paper.

You will find suggestions on Page 19 in the Resource section of “The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids”. Examples: B is for Babies are Beautiful, D is for The Dentist helps take care of our teeth. H is for Hands are for washing, W is for Wash your hands with soap and Water, G is for Germs can make you sick. Etc

What you will need:

1. A camera

2. Paper with cool border

3. A ½ inch binder with clear front pocket

4. Page protector sleeves

5. Pictures of healthy activities

6. An A-Z list to write down ideas for your pages.

I. Write down you’re A-Z ideas-this may be a work in progress and don’t be afraid to have more than one page to a letter. Helpful PDF to come…

II. Take pictures during various health lesson times.

Ex: You can teach kids that Carrots have vitamins and that they are orange.

Take pictures in the suggested poses and add the phrases to the pages.

a. Take a picture of kids holding up real carrots- C is for Carrots are a healthy snack.

b. Take a picture of your children tasting carrots-C is for Carrots are yummy and crunchy!

c. Take a picture of a child holding up a carrot and pointing to his eyes-Carrots have vitamins that are good for our eyes.

***Bonus Creative Idea-Make your phrases rhyme, I love educational rhyming and so do the kids. It’s like a sing-a-long book right?

Ex: W is for Washing, hands real clean, keeps those germs away, they are mean.

III. Add pictures to a document page-from one of your picture folders, click on a picture, then right click on the picture, click “copy” and go to your document page and click on your page then right click and choose “paste”, to make picture smaller, click on your picture then hover on one corner and slide it diagonally toward the center of your picture.

IV. Add words to a document page-make sure and have at least 1 inch margins so you can print on stationary paper with borders. Make the print nice and big and colorful.

V. Print pages onto your border paper.

VI. Place your pages in protective sleeves.

VII. Place your pages in a ½ inch binder and your book cover picture in the clear pocket on the front-which allows your cover to be visible; ½ inch binders are usually available in an assortment of colors.

ABC Healthy Living Book Cover

 Let us know how your books turned out. I would love to see the pages you created. Who would be interested in an ABC Healthy Book collaborative project?  Sounds fun to me! If enough participants are interested I will come up with the details and we can get started. Contact me and put “ABC Healthy Book” in the first line of your note.

Please comment below and share with your friends and co-workers.

For Healthy Kids, Ms. Dawn

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The link below will lead you to lots of cool kid stationary and most of them are “Prime” free shipping. Free is good!

Carson Dellosa Computer Paper   Samples
61Q3V99rshL._SY355_     71KjO7koSBL._SY355_     61FQzmxLOzL._SY355_

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Hand Washing Activity book sample aug 2013 Dawn Ginese RN resized w TSN


Create a Hand Washing Sing-a-long Book

September 29, 2014 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

The results you will see from the fun loving activities below are why I love teaching preschoolers how to wash their hands. It’s not only that they will learn how to properly wash their hands, but it’s seeing the light go on in their little heads. And of course, we will have fewer germs flying around that can cause colds and the flu.

Rubba Dub Dub, Handwashing song

The number one action we can take to help stop spreading germs and those dreaded runny noses this year is washing our hands. 

I would like to share with all of you teachers, parents and healthcare providers how to create memorable learning experiences that will get your kids happily washing their hands. And… being healthy, not ill and cranky!

This will be a series of posts, so please subscribe so you won’t miss the fun. You will also receive a free, very colorful downloadable/printable “Hand Washing Activity eBook”.

 I will start with Option 9 & 10 from “The Singing Nurse, Health Lessons for Kids” curricula as a starting point. I love making and using visuals with kids.

Option 9 in “TSN Health Lessons for kids”, in lesson 1.

Take pictures of your children at hand washing time, create a class book or poster so the children can find themselves, or create a slideshow with “Rubba Dub Dub “ in the background.

Option 10 in “TSN Health Lessons for kids”, in lesson 1.

Create an ABC Health Book…

An added option: Adding words and editing pictures.

Take pictures like I have above and add little sayings. A future post will describe how to do this.

So for our 1st post today we will look at Option 9:

1. Create a Sing-A-Long Book: Take a bunch of pictures of your kids during hand washing time:

Keep in mind all the actions to washing hands and the lyrics to the song, see below.

Take pictures of: Turning the water on, “make some soapsuds”, “rinse your hands”, picture of kids pointing up with 1 finger, “wash your hands” (picture of several children or your whole classroom with hands raised)

Add (copy and paste) each picture to a document page and add the phrases to the bottom of the page. This can be done easily in “word”. You can add fun borders too or use colorful stationary paper that already has a cool border.  If you need help with “word”, please comment below.  A detailed “how to” can be a future post.

Download the song from the player here

Download from CDbaby

Download from iTunes

Song: Before singing the song show and say to the children “this is how an Opera singer sings”, hold hands to your chest and sing a little operatic scale (“We will waasssh our hands”…like the one in the song)Ham it up a bit, here’s your big chance to belt it out, the kids will love it. When the song starts you can pretend to turn on the water, pump some soap into your hand and start to rub your hands together. At the end of the song pretend to take a paper towel to turn off the water and dry your hands and then throw the paper towel in the trash.

1.  Rubba Dub Dub- Dawn Ginese 2003 Lyrics and Motions  

Rubba Dub Dub (echo) Rub hands together as if washing hands, rub between fingers etc. continue through 1st verse.

Make some soap suds (echo)

Rubba Dub Dub (echo)

Make some soap suds (echo)

Rubba Dub, Rubba Dub, Rubba Dub, Rubba Dub

Make some soap suds

Rinse your hands (echo) Hang hands down letting the water rinse the soap off, flip hands back and forth, continue through 2nd verse.

Rinse the soap suds (echo)

Rinse your hands (echo)

Rinse the soap suds (echo)

Rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse,

Rinse the soap suds

What is the one thing that can make your hands clean? Hold up one finger.

(Wash your hands) Raise both hands, open and shut them on each word.

We will waaaaaaaaaaaaash our hands. Hold hands to chest like an opera singer, tilting head back and forth.

 2. Create a Classroom Poster: You can use the same pictures and solicit pictures from family and friends so the children can find and point out people they know that also wash their hands. This is similar to where’s Waldo right? It’s fun! Trim your pictures, paste them to your poster board, add words like “We wash our hands to wash germs away” or “Rubba Dub Dub, make some soap suds”.

3. Create a slide show: Again you can use the same pictures. If you are at a preschool program make sure and include the teachers, assistants, the director and school nurse. If you need help with this, comment below and I will create a post on how to do this.

 Download the song from cdbaby or iTunes or directly from TSN. This lesson is also available as an individual lesson download if you prefer.

 For Happy Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn

 Option 10 Post : How to Create an ABC Health Book

Can’t wait? I understand, here’s the whole downloadable book; more info on the ABC book is on page 19 in the Resource section of “The Singing Nurse-Health Lessons for Kids”. See more detail.

Please comment below if this post was helpful to you. Please be a sweetie and share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

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