Good Carrot Poem

June 9, 2012 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures

There once was a “good carrot”, ¬†that hung out on a page
It kept on getting lots of hits, much to my dismay
It’s just a simple carrot I said, that’s orange and green and “good”
So I wrote this little poem, to see just where we stood
We all agree that our “good carrot”, has lots of vitamin A
And that it’s good for our eyes, helping us to see
Would you be so kind, as to drop a little line
 feed my curiosity, it is getting the best of me

I hope this is clear, as I check my stats on my website it seems I have been getting lots of hits on my “good carrot” and my “smiling carrot”. I would really like to know why you are searching for a carrot or what project you are working on that requires a carrot picture or carrot information. Just wondering and curious, comment below please…

I use the carrot pictures in my “Health Lessons for Kids” to teach that fruits and veggies make our teeth happy.

Don’t forget to comment below…

For Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse


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