How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids-Part 1

March 6, 2013 in Creative Adventures, Music with Kids

Creating music and keeping it simple is fun and stress free. Making a joyful noise and being a little silly is a great way of expressing ourselves. We hope you join us as we are starting a new series I know you will enjoy called, “How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids”. This is for those of you who may feel you are not necessarily musically inclined and would appreciate a little encouragement. We know you can do it, there is no wrong way as long as it brings some joy and pleasure to the participants. The proverbs say, “A merry heart does good like a medicine”.

We will explore:

*Simple ways to create songs for kids

*Writing songs with kids-lyrics and melody

*How to save and remember song ideas

*Easy ways to pep up your old familiar songs

*Using simple keyboards: beats, patterns and chord progressions

*Creating simple percussion instruments

*Review of the Casio SA 76 keyboard

*Review of fun music apps for smart phones

*Review of good children’s music CDs/Sing-a-long books/DVDs

*Review websites that promote music expression

*How to perk the interest of music in kids

Hang on to your hats, let’s get started.

 Below is a song I shared for Valentine’s Day but of course it can be used all throughout the year as it talks of love.

I used my Casio SA 76 to perk up an old familiar song. I share it first with a simple beat and then bump it up a notch with a peppier beat still.  This is an example of pepping up a song at circle time using just voices and rhythm instead of just singing.  I will review some of the buttons and how to use them on the Casio SA 76.

Press the pattern button then press #0 & 9= 9 then press the start button. This is a simple beat.


Press the tempo button and move it to #4 

Press the start/stop button to change to pattern #27-press #2 & 7=27

Press the start button=peppier beat


Next time we will take familiar nursery rhyme, add a pre-programmed chord progression and add a simple chorus so the kids will be able to sing and do motions. Lots of fun, see you then. Subscribe so you won’t miss a post.

Make a joyful noise,

Ms. Dawn

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What are some creative ways you keep your music time fun and engaging? Share with us.

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