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Who said a Nurse Can’t do Surgery on Germs

May 14, 2020 in Children's Health Education, Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

Who said a nurse can’t do surgery?

I’m very excited you stopped by because I just finished surgery on my new lyric song video “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”. In this time of virus’, bacteria in our kitchens, colds and COVID19, it’s a great time to review how we can stop the spread of germs. The song is lots of fun with hand motions and even some cute little dancing germs. It took many hours to dice and splice it to make it just right so the educational words will stick in your child’s brain. It’s all about making learning easy and fun for you and your children.

This song will make a great addition to “The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids” Lesson 1 & 4 combo which is all about hand washing and and not spreading your germs around.  I hope you and your families will stay safe at home and may you the awesome teacher be filled with energy as you continue to bring learning to kids online.

Go to this page for some hand selected Germ Books including The Singing Nurse’s Free PDF with pictures and lyrics of “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” to read to your kids. And while you’re here Subscribe and grab your free hand washing activity eBook.

Please Let me know how I can help make your teaching easier and fun. Do you have any subjects you would like to teach your children that would also include a fun catchy song?

For Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn

PS Have fun with this Germ Game to play at home with the whole family.

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Free Hand Washing eBook Plus

February 12, 2020 in Music with Kids

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And here is a link to our sing-a-long lyrics PDF  Don’t Spread Your Germs Around






Enjoy this great resource by Deb Chitwood on circle time songs;

Check out our Lessons & Songs, which also includes child friendly activities & crafts.

New Video! “The Tick Song” Lyme Disease Prevention!

September 2, 2018 in Children's Health Education, Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

I know many of you are saying “Lyme Disease, Its September”?  I recently finished up a video of my song “The Tick Song” so I decided to do a little extra research as to the status of Lyme disease. Actually I wanted to have some back-up as to why I made this video at the end of summer instead of the beginning of spring. So if you think I’m late save this for your lessons in spring, but if you realize that we are still spending time outside read on.

Yes the CDC says the busiest time for ticks is spring through early fall.

It’s never too late or early to act in prevention to the bite of those pesky ticks and the diseases that they bring like Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Lyme disease. It is no picnic any time of year.

The Song says it all and the lessons help you teach it to your kids in a fun way. The Lyme Disease Prevention lesson for kids, tick graphics and color sheet, letters to parents and “The Tick Song” are all included and now you can share this fun & catchy video lyrics song with the kids, I promise they will astound you with what they remember.

Lesson link here.

Where ticks like to bite CDC.









Disease cases by state @ CDC

Purchase “The Tick Song”

Purchase Lesson & Song

Have an Awesome School Year

Healthy Is An Adventure!

Ms. Dawn aka TheSingingNurse

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Music is Therapeudic, Set your Stage

June 11, 2014 in Music with Kids, TSN Therapeutic Projects

A Merry HeartHow many of you enjoy music? I am a great music lover and really enjoy finding new music. It amazes me how many gifted people are out there that none of us will ever hear about. Music can help you feel sad when you need to work through grief. A special song can make you feel brave in a difficult situation. Beautiful melodies will move you to tears and pull your guts out, especially if stringed instruments are involved . You get the point, it is an awesome and a powerful medium that influences the way we feel. I believe music is therapeutic, a gift to us.

Today I wanted to introduce you to some great music I have come across in the last couple years. These songs have encouraged me and brought me out of some down times. So, as you may expect the songs I am introducing you to today set a “Happy” mood. We know how much we all need some “Happy”, as the song by that name has topped the charts.

When my little patient rolls out one of those big crocodile tears because he is either bored or notices his able bodied brothers heading for a walk outside, I cheer him up with some great songs with encouraging happy lyrics. He responds…

Songs and music can help set the mood of your home, your classroom or an event. Please check out these great artist, I did all the reviewing for you…

Cathy Heller-I found one of her songs used in a video and said,”I have to have that”! I discovered a treasure chess full of “happy & sunny” songs.

Cathy Heller, FoundFounditunes link

Best Days of OurLives

I Will Follow You


The Sunshine is Callin’ me


Cathy Heller, Breaking FreeBreaking Freeitunes link

Gonna Make a Change

Let Your Colors Shine





itunes link

I Love You More Than Sunshine

itunes link

You Make Me Happy



Cathy Heller, Imagine NationImagine Nation-EP itunes link

Mr. Sun

Love and Be Loved




Cathy Heller, You're Home to MeYou’re Home to Me-EP itunes link

Gonna Be Happy

So This is Love




Cathy Heller, Turn the Sunshine OnTurn the Sunshine Onitunes link

Turn the Sunshine On




Video Song

(I made it in this one, see if you can find me)


Jamie Grace-I’m not sure how I found Jamie but she is similar in style to Cathy Heller with a little more soul. I like the whole album, kids like her songs too. Happy, upbeat, fun! Her CD comes from a Christian world view.

Jamie Grace, One Song at a TimeOne Song at a Time– itunes link






Josie Nelson-I found Josie on YouTube. This is a great song for a rainy day. Her style is also similar to Jamie Grace and Cathy Heller. She has made her presence know via Youtube doing originals and cover songs. Check out her Youtube channel sometime.

Josie Nelson, SunshineSunshine itunes link






Khristian Dentley-I can’t remember how I found Khristian but you may have heard him in the group Take 6. The style is definitely pop jazz and my favorites are his upbeat songs. The last song I list is an awesome worship song. His CD has a Christian world view for sure.

Khristian Dentley 3.0itunes link

Khristian Dentley 3.0It’s Time to Fly

My Happy


Chocolate Chip Rocket Ship

Breath of Life


Pomplamoose-I was introduced to this duo by my brother, they have loads of really creative videos. They are known for their great editing and multi screens visuals. “Most” of them are appropriate for the whole family, Fun, upbeat…really, go check out their videos, you’ll get hooked, watch them on your smart TV, then take them with you via itunes downloads.

Pomplamoose“Happy” Pharrell Mash-up- itunes link

“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go- itunes link





Wake Me Up Before You Go Go…Fun YouTube Vid!


Go Fish-A really fun group of 3 guys who do a lot of VBS and Sunday School songs for kids and with kids. Really delightful catchy tunes, makes you want to sing and dance. Christian world view.

Go FishChrist the Lord is Risen Today- itunes link






Mercy Me- Definitely not new to the music world but worth a mention. I just came across their new video(I’m on their mailing list) “Shake”…Love, love, love it. If you have a reason, or need a reason to sing and dance this will get you moving for sure. Check it out here.

I play all of these songs for my little patient and if he does not like a song he will cry. No crying here with all of this great music, he has good taste. Why not support these artist today and go download their music. It takes hours, weeks and months to produce great songs and music for all of us. Let’s keep the music coming…go ahead spend a buck or two or ten today.

For “Happy” days even if it’s raining outside,

Have a Great Summer



Dawn’s recent CD with husband/pastor itune link


How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids-Part 2

April 3, 2013 in Music with Kids, The Singing Nurse Music

Who wants to make music time a blast for kids?

Keep it simple…

Keep it joyful…

Keep it fun…

Keep it stress free…

Creating music and keeping it simple makes for a stress free and fun music time. Who can agree making a joyful noise and being a little silly is a great way of expressing yourself and having a blast while you do it?

I hope you will stick with me as we continue through this series. You may not feel musically inclined and can appreciate some encouragement. I would love to help with that. Many of the songs I have written came about while playing on a simple keyboard like the Casio SA-76.

I know you can do it, every way is the right way, and sure to bring some joy and pleasure to your kids.

The Proverb still rings true : “A merry heart does good like a medicine”.

Today’s post will cover:

*Easy ways to pep up an old familiar song

*Using simple keyboards: beats, patterns and chord progressions

In the video below is the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I used the “pattern” # 45 that the Casio SA-76 describes as a “Free Session”. This means it is a pre-recorded chord progression. It is a little song with no words. How cool is that, all you have to do is press “pattern” and the number 4 then 5 and press the Start/Stop button. Put the tempo @ 5 and the song is ready just as I did in the video.

I looked up the words to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and did not realize that it has such cool words. All to do with stars of course. I made up a simple melody(the kids can even help with that-a future post), I added a simple chorus with hand motions for the kids to sing.

So glad you stopped by. Music keeps flowing here from The Singing Nurse and friends. Can you share how you are having a musical blast with kids? Or do you have a questions?

To hear and purchase TSN music that teaches good health habits and more click here.

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For Healthy Happy Kids,
Ms. Dawn

Amazon Link for Casio SA-76 below

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How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids-Part 1

March 6, 2013 in Creative Adventures, Music with Kids

Creating music and keeping it simple is fun and stress free. Making a joyful noise and being a little silly is a great way of expressing ourselves. We hope you join us as we are starting a new series I know you will enjoy called, “How to Make Music Fun 4 Kids”. This is for those of you who may feel you are not necessarily musically inclined and would appreciate a little encouragement. We know you can do it, there is no wrong way as long as it brings some joy and pleasure to the participants. The proverbs say, “A merry heart does good like a medicine”.

We will explore:

*Simple ways to create songs for kids

*Writing songs with kids-lyrics and melody

*How to save and remember song ideas

*Easy ways to pep up your old familiar songs

*Using simple keyboards: beats, patterns and chord progressions

*Creating simple percussion instruments

*Review of the Casio SA 76 keyboard

*Review of fun music apps for smart phones

*Review of good children’s music CDs/Sing-a-long books/DVDs

*Review websites that promote music expression

*How to perk the interest of music in kids

Hang on to your hats, let’s get started.

 Below is a song I shared for Valentine’s Day but of course it can be used all throughout the year as it talks of love.

I used my Casio SA 76 to perk up an old familiar song. I share it first with a simple beat and then bump it up a notch with a peppier beat still.  This is an example of pepping up a song at circle time using just voices and rhythm instead of just singing.  I will review some of the buttons and how to use them on the Casio SA 76.

Press the pattern button then press #0 & 9= 9 then press the start button. This is a simple beat.


Press the tempo button and move it to #4 

Press the start/stop button to change to pattern #27-press #2 & 7=27

Press the start button=peppier beat


Next time we will take familiar nursery rhyme, add a pre-programmed chord progression and add a simple chorus so the kids will be able to sing and do motions. Lots of fun, see you then. Subscribe so you won’t miss a post.

Make a joyful noise,

Ms. Dawn

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What are some creative ways you keep your music time fun and engaging? Share with us.

New: Amazon link for the Casio SA-76

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