Nature Painting, bringing the outdoors inside

June 23, 2012 in Creative Adventures

 Children love the outdoors and I believe boys especially do. This is a project that will integrate four of the senses and bring the outdoor elements and the child together. Collecting the earthy items with your child is great fun and a wonderful learning opportunity. But this craft project exposes the child who is unable to spend long periods of time outdoors as well. Hands on activities are a great way to have your child feel more part and enjoy the elements of nature.

Start by collecting an assortment of items from the great outdoors.

1. Smooth and round rocks (wash the rocks off before using them)

2. Grass

3. Pine needles and pine cones

4. Assortment of leaves

5. Flowers

6. Twigs

Other supplies you may need: tape, paints, paper towels or wipes, white paper, markers

 Lay out your paints, I placed a mound of different color paints on a large mirror. Let your child see you drip the paint on your paint pallet or mirror; this is a visual treat for them. 

Let your child see and feel the texture of each item you are going to use as this integrates his sense of sight, smell and touch. Rub rocks together to stimulate his sense of hearing to help your child realize that these elements are hard. Point out the veins in the leaves, the colors of the flowers and their soft pedals. Bring to his attention the points of the pine needles. 

If he was unable to go collect the items, describe where you got them and if they came from a tree, a bush or the ground. Take a picture if you can, it says a thousand words. I love my digital camera and the instantaneous visual function it has. I will often take a picture of something happening outside to show my little friend. It is hard to see something close or near the ground if your child is in a wheelchair or bed. A mirror is also a helpful tool to help your child see.

Most children have the experience of exploring and the opportunity of rock throwing, feeling the grass under their feet and picking flowers. We can help the wheelchair or bed bound child experience these activities that we so often take for granted.

We taped the grass in a bundle to make it like a paintbrush. 

Take one item at a time and press it into the paint and then press it onto the paper. Let your child help press and rub the paint onto the paper. Use hand over hand for the child who has limited use of their hands.  Use a different color for each item in your picture to help differentiate each nature item.

Kian loves being outside, enjoys looking around and seeing animals and feeling the sun on his face.

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For Healthy, Creative, Wonder filled kids,

Ms. Dawn

Tell us what projects you have created by using some natural elements from the great outdoors.

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