Candy Wrapper Valentine Craft

February 12, 2012 in Creative Adventures, TSN Therapeutic Projects

I’ve been thinking of posting the projects I’ve been creating in the home care setting over the years. You may be some sort of health care worker and just can’t think of what to do with your young patient to make things interesting and to help perk up their day. Many of our patients are home bound and life can get a little boring when the teacher, OT, or PT are not showing up on any given day. I know you can think of things to make, let’s put our heads together, look around and let those creative juices flow. Many of my ideas incorporate bringing the outside in using the objects of nature, creating simple songs with a small keyboard, recycling medical supplies and household items. I might even share some animation ideas that are simple to create from the projects you will make.

Valentines Project:

One of my co-workers brought in some candy from her homeland so I saw the shiny little wrappers and thought oh, we can make something with that. I know if any preschool teachers are reading this post, they may think, wow, I always think like that. I do refer to myself at time as a preschool teacher with the nurses hat because of my creative tilt. Prek teachers are some of the most creative recycling people you will meet and their closets of saved items will attest to this, lol.

So I started saving the wrappers that will be part of our heart creation. Don’t forget to speak with your patient about your plans, draw them into the creative process. They love to hear about and begin anticipating what might become of those shiny little papers.

Chocolate wrappers

Create a pattern from paper then trace it to a cardboard box flap(this is recycling boxes from the shipping of medical supplies) Make sure and let the child watch as you cut the cardboard, hearing the sounds and seeing the fragments dropping are fun and great sensory activities.

make a pattern

Cut up shiny candy papers to smaller pieces and paste them to the the cardboard heart. Use liquid glue, my little friend loves watching the glue fall to the heart and feeling the sticky slimy texture on his fingers.

add glue and papers to cardboard heart

After completing one side let it dry on a piece of wax paper,  flip it over and do the back side, wrap papers around the edges as well to create a completely covered heart.

cover both sides and wrap around the edges

Add a hanger to the back so your project can be hung on the wall. We did some bending to a paper clip and attached it with some duct tape and glued a piece of paper with a valentine message.

attach a hanger to the back of heart

Finally, glue your child’s picture to the front of your valentine heart. We glued a piece of red construction paper on first so our picture would have a nice border. Adding a heart shaped paper lace doily would look great too.

add your child's picture

Hope you enjoyed our recycle and creative project in the home care setting.

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Always for Happy Healthy Kids

Happy Valentines Day!

Ms. Dawn

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Candy Wrapper Valentine Craft


    1. Tamara says:

      Hi Singing Nurse aka Dawn,

      Thanks for sharing your link with me. You are right, I did like. Great idea to use up recycled paper and keep the kiddos entertained.


    2. admin says:

      Thanks Ms. Tamara, fellow nurse and Billy Gorilly producer. Just wanted others to know about you and your fun loving singing Gorilla named Billy. Lots of fun for the kids, encouraging, positive and educational too. “Edutainment” for the whole family. Ms. Dawn

      Click on Tamara’s name to check it out.

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Candy Wrapper Valentine Craft

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