DIY Christmas Party Snack Tree

December 16, 2020 in Creative Adventures, TSN outreach Projects

Christmas Snack Tree w word

Update: This really was a fun project and a great center piece. Check out the last link at the bottom too for a smaller candy tree version. Have a Merry Christmas!

I had this crazy idea as I was preparing for Children’s Church. Please allow me to diverge from the healthy posts today. It is the Christmas season right? I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to share something that would tell the Good News. I wanted to make a snack tree for our friends at Green Briar, a local older folks home. So… I started putting it together and discovered it would be a better project for older kids. It took me about 3 hours to make this baby. It was fun and you can make a smaller version to share with your co-workers or bring to a Christmas party. You could even make one for your family or classroom. Adding healthy pre-packaged snacks like nuts etc is also an options. So here we go.

What you will need: 2 large poster boards, pen, string, clear tape, packaging tape, glue gun and glue, 1 large pizza box, wrapping paper and about 100 snack bags. attach 2 poster boards

Hot glue 2 pieces of poster board together if you want to make a 3 foot tree.

draw an arc
make quarter circle

place your string at one corner of the shortest side, attach a pen and draw an arc, the results is an 1/4 circle. Cut along the line.

Make a coneAttach cone to wrapped Pizza box

Overlap the edges to make a cone, be careful with the hot glue gun. The hot glue gun works great, but if you have another pair of hands handy, you will be less likely to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Wrap a large pizza box and tape the cone to the box using packaging tape. Any square box will do but the pizza box works nicely.

Build a Christmas Snack Tree

Start at the base of the cone, attach a couple of pieces of scotch tape to your snack bags and tape them to the cone. Work  your way around and up the tree, staggering the bags as you add another layer. This tree was made from 3 large boxes of snacks. Each one contained 32 snack bags. So…this tree is made with almost 100 snack bags.

I added a bow and a star on top with a Christmas message. We created a large Christmas card for the kids and their families to sign. The card was the shape of a Christmas bulb. Two of our friends from Green Briar posed with the card and Christmas Snack Tree. 

Green Briar Christmas Snack Tree w words

Hope you have a blast making this. Try making it for a teen event or bringing it to a Christmas Party this year. Time is getting away from us all. Not sure if I will make it, but I plan on posting about making a tree with my patient Kian. He was very proud of it so I wanted to do a separate post in honor of him. Keep your eyes peeled.

Have a Very Merry Christmas,


Go here to hear my Christmas song video which has lots of cool vintage type pictures in it. You can also request 3 FREE  songs.

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Making a Christmas Candy Tree with SMA1 child Kian.