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Post #1 2021 Christmas Now! Educator Collaboration

August 22, 2021 in News - Updates, TSN outreach Projects

Hi, I want to share with you the beginnings of a Collaboration with some of my educator friends from YouTube. It should be fun for you and your kids & a blessing to some others too! You remember the wise words of the Lord when He said “It is more blessed to give than to receive”? That is what this project is all about. Take a quick look at the video below to get a little taste. And stay tuned to learn more soon! Subscribe here or subscribe to my YT channel to keep updated when we share the whole enchilada with you.

Here is the direct link to the video in case you need it! 🙂

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Here are some fun craft posts for the Christmas Season:

Huge Poster Board Christmas Tree Card

Advent Giving Tree Tutorial 

DIY Christmas Party Snack Tree

December 16, 2020 in Creative Adventures, TSN outreach Projects

Christmas Snack Tree w word

Update: This really was a fun project and a great center piece. Check out the last link at the bottom too for a smaller candy tree version. Have a Merry Christmas!

I had this crazy idea as I was preparing for Children’s Church. Please allow me to diverge from the healthy posts today. It is the Christmas season right? I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to share something that would tell the Good News. I wanted to make a snack tree for our friends at Green Briar, a local older folks home. So… I started putting it together and discovered it would be a better project for older kids. It took me about 3 hours to make this baby. It was fun and you can make a smaller version to share with your co-workers or bring to a Christmas party. You could even make one for your family or classroom. Adding healthy pre-packaged snacks like nuts etc is also an options. So here we go.

What you will need: 2 large poster boards, pen, string, clear tape, packaging tape, glue gun and glue, 1 large pizza box, wrapping paper and about 100 snack bags. attach 2 poster boards

Hot glue 2 pieces of poster board together if you want to make a 3 foot tree.

draw an arc
make quarter circle

place your string at one corner of the shortest side, attach a pen and draw an arc, the results is an 1/4 circle. Cut along the line.

Make a coneAttach cone to wrapped Pizza box

Overlap the edges to make a cone, be careful with the hot glue gun. The hot glue gun works great, but if you have another pair of hands handy, you will be less likely to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Wrap a large pizza box and tape the cone to the box using packaging tape. Any square box will do but the pizza box works nicely.

Build a Christmas Snack Tree

Start at the base of the cone, attach a couple of pieces of scotch tape to your snack bags and tape them to the cone. Work  your way around and up the tree, staggering the bags as you add another layer. This tree was made from 3 large boxes of snacks. Each one contained 32 snack bags. So…this tree is made with almost 100 snack bags.

I added a bow and a star on top with a Christmas message. We created a large Christmas card for the kids and their families to sign. The card was the shape of a Christmas bulb. Two of our friends from Green Briar posed with the card and Christmas Snack Tree. 

Green Briar Christmas Snack Tree w words

Hope you have a blast making this. Try making it for a teen event or bringing it to a Christmas Party this year. Time is getting away from us all. Not sure if I will make it, but I plan on posting about making a tree with my patient Kian. He was very proud of it so I wanted to do a separate post in honor of him. Keep your eyes peeled.

Have a Very Merry Christmas,


Go here to hear my Christmas song video which has lots of cool vintage type pictures in it. You can also request 3 FREE  songs.

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Making a Christmas Candy Tree with SMA1 child Kian.

Mom Runs to Cure SMA in NYC Half Marathon 2015

March 11, 2015 in News - Updates, TSN outreach Projects

Cure SMA NYC Half 2015

Kian and Neda

I am very proud of Kian’s mom. She’s a busy lady and twirls many plates but also makes time to get fit and give back. I have come to appreciate her determination and wit to get things done for Kian. As you can imagine having a special needs child with all the hours of arranging and setting-up, following-up and finding competent nurses for his 24 hr care over the past 8 years could have depleted her totally. But, through it all she has managed to survive with an attitude of “keeping on”. Kian’s mom is running in the NYC Half Marathon this Sunday. It is sponsored by United Airlines Run for Life. She is running to Cure SMA. Below is a short video I created as a tribute to her and to get the word out about her fundraising efforts. After viewing the video it would be so amazing if you would contribute as a way of to tell Kian’s mom you appreciate her efforts and her cause. And Below the video are some words of encouragement and challenge to all of us from my husband Mike.

Link to video for mobile users.

“In this great dance we call life, each of us experience various blessings and challenges. The normal ups and downs and stresses and strains in the common course of life are sometimes enough to cause the best of us to become overwhelmed.  But then there are those who are dealt a tough blow in life. It is not by their choosing and not according to anything they imagined in their wildest dreams. They are presented with the challenge of a special needs child. They must care for that child who could not make it through another day without the protective care of a loving mother. They are those who often must hide their deepest pain and hopefully get to it one day, but for now, theirs is a life of sacrifice, hopes and continual self encouragement to carry on for just another day. So when we think of those who are the poor of this world, that little boy or girl who did not have the opportunity to run, jump and play as other kids, our hearts are moved with compassion. If we have been so blessed as to enjoy those simple everyday ordinary things of life perhaps we will allow our compassion to turn into giving, in order to help alleviate the burdens of that lovely child. But in addition when we give in the hopes of eradicating that disease we not only give to bring a better life to those who are sick and God knows that would be reward enough itself, but we give in the hopes of alleviating the suffering and pain of the child and the family. Truly those who donate their energy and often the best years of their lives are the unsung heroes. They are the ones who also need help and healing. When we give, we give to all connected to this child with cords of love. When we give; we honor, support and help those who have embraced their assignment with guts and boldness, freely dispensing their energy in order to give the best life possible to this lovely child, even though it cost them their own very lives. Support Cure SMA! More Info!

You can read more about Kian: What is SMA?

Kian’s Tribute to mom. Kian’s Tribute to dad

Link to Cure SMA Race Team

Please leave a comment below and give a donation! The race is March 15th! Thanks in advance!



Lyme Disease Prevention, School Visit

April 2, 2013 in Children's Health Education, TSN outreach Projects

Ticks on a Stick!

A Re-post: Spring is here yippee! Please read our Lyme Disease prevention posts to help you get ready for the tick season. I really dislike ticks. 


I prepared ticks on a stick for my visit to my grandson’s early learning center, Natural Wonders in Poughquag, NY. He really enjoys his class and my daughter in-law who is a Spec Ed teacher is very satisfied with the program.

I decided to make the ticks on a stick because I felt the children might be too young to participate in the full Tick Disease Prevention activities.

The adults raised the Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Lyme signs as the children raised their little ticks on a stick when we came to the words in the song, “Stay away from that Tick, He’ll make you feel sick…”. It worked great and the children were able to take the ticks, color them and share the information when they got home.

 I also recommended that the teacher place a magnet on the back so the child could place it on their refrigerator and use it to fan themselves during the hot summer. 

Lyme Disease Prevention Poster

This is a picture of my grandson and I at the end of our visit. We are posing in front of the poster I have been adding to as I educate children about Lyme Disease.

Before our session the children each made a thumb print on a small sticky note pad with their names and I added the legs and called them up one by one to place their little tick on the Lyme Disease Prevention Poster.

We had fun!

I also visited Acorn to Oaks, a quality early childhood program in Hopewell Juction NY on the same morning. It was good to see old friends and share with the children about Lyme Disease and how to protect ourselves from those pesky little eight legged ticks.

“Stay away from that tick, he’ll make you feel sick.”

Be Healthy, Ms. Dawn


Update:  Awwww, A Thank-You Poster from Natural Wonders-It is beautiful! Thanks…..I especially love the socks tucked in the pants pic.

Thank-you poster from Natural Wonders

Lyme Disease Prevention is lesson # 5 in “The Singing Nurse-Health Lessons for Kids”

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Hear “The Tick Song”

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Please comment below, what is your Lyme and Tick experiences….Send us your child’s drawing about Lyme Disease Prevention.

Poster Board Duct Tape Christmas Tree Card

December 3, 2012 in Creative Adventures, TSN outreach Projects, Uncategorized

Poster Board Duct Tape Christmas Tree Card

Each year as a church we prepare practical modest gifts to give when we go Christmas caroling at Green Briar. Green Briar is an assisted living group home of lovely folks who love anything we do for them. They are so thankful for our visits and appreciate it when we bring gifts, dessert and the kids. I wanted our presentation to be fun and to last throughout the Christmas season.

Items you will need:

name tags, clear tape, packaging tape, fancy duct tape, ribbon, assortment of stickers, hole punch, scissors, box cutting knife, markers, lip gloss, 2 large pieces of green poster board, large piece of cardboard

Determine the size tree you want, I wanted ours to be big because originally I was going to attach 53 name tag ornaments to it. Tape 2 poster board ends together with packaging tape creating 1 large piece; overlap the edges about 2 inches so it is secure. Draw a Christmas tree shape on the poster board; I used a green marker, this works well just in case you mess up. Place the poster board on top of the same sized cardboard piece and place small pieces of tape about 12 inches apart to secure the cardboard and poster board together while you cut out the Christmas tree with the box cutting knife.

Tape the cardboard and poster board tree together along all the edges with your fancy Duct tape. Allow about ½ the tape size to show on the front of your project. This is a little tricky at inside edges; you will have to do some angle cuts to allow the tape to lay flat. When you do the outside tips of the tree it is easier to let the tape adhere to each other and trim it after.

I added re-enforcement to the back of the tree by taping another smaller piece of cardboard to it. I also did this for the trunk of the tree.

We presented the Christmas Tree Card to the kids at church and told them what it was for. This was a transition time just before they were heading to their Sunday school classes so I cut up clusters of stickers in advance so each child had about 5 stickers.

I placed the Christmas tree card on the rug as the kids gathered around and placed their sticker on it. It was amazing how they placed them so evenly.

The older children later weaved little messages and scriptures in between the sticker that pertained to Christmas and drew candy canes and designs. The church family signed the card.


 I picked up the name tags at Michael’s, they were pretty reasonable at 2.99 for 16, punched a hole at the side with a hole-punch and tied a tube of lip gloss to it with ribbon. We attached Avery address stickers to create multiple cards since we were putting together 53 of them.  Thanks to Anna for helping with all the prep.

I was going to cover the whole tree with the name tag ornaments, and when the residents removed them, they would see the messages. I decided against that and scotch taped some of the ornaments along the edges and put the remainder in a small basket. I didn’t have the heart to cover up the stickers and sweet messages everyone had placed on the tree.

Optional objects to be tied to the name tags: pencil, candy Have fun with the Christmas Tree Card craft.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

For Healthy Kids, Ms. Dawn

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ESL Family Night: Family, Food, & Educational Fun

November 26, 2009 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music, TSN outreach Projects

SDC12417The Singing Nurse was part of this event and brought her songs for healthy living to the ESL (English as a Second Language) Family Night. The evening was hosted by the Pawling Central School District, and held at the Dover Elementary Cafeteria. The night was set aside to celebrate learning and family friendships. The principal of the Dover Elementary school as well as the ESL teachers organized the event. To kick off the evening, the grateful parents prepared and brought in delicious food to share with one another, yummy ethnic foods like, homemade tamales, salad, desserts and other Latin American dishes.

My take on the evening: Eating together and getting acquainted was a highlight for me as I observed firsthand the hard work and success of the P.C.S.D. ESL classes and its participants. The parents and children were friendly and enjoyed a little chit chat while using their English skills.

ESL Night 1A family health workshop was my contribution to the event, and of course I used songs with hand motions as my arsenal of tools to share the information. We started out with a couple of familiar songs like The Hokey Pokey, to help break the ice. As we entered into the interactive lesson and asked questions, I was very impressed, especially by the knowledge the children possessed of the H1N1 influenza, and the schools preparation for the prevention of spreading germs.

ESL Night 3We sang Rubba Dub Dub, a song from TSN CD, as we reviewed proper hand washing techniques and the best way to get rid of germs. We sang another TSN song, I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth, while reviewing tooth decay prevention. Pictures were also shown as we talked about Lice and how to prevent from getting them.

A few drawings were taken to receive free CDs and one teenage boy was one of the grateful winners.  One special moment of the evening was when I sprayed water from a spray bottle and explained that the vapors floating down were like our germs if we were to cough or sneeze in the air, so I explained that we needed to cough or sneeze into our shoulder. All the families enthusiastically took part in the last educational song, Don’t Spread Your Germs Around, which coincided with the lesson. One of the children donned a doctor’s lab coat and handed out tissues as the conga line passed by, with all singing, “don’t spread, don’t spread, don’t spread your germs around”. I was confident they were enjoying themselves as I observed many of the parents, teens and children grinning.

ESL Night 4

ESL night 5ESL 2

One of the young boys won the grand prize which wrapped up the evening, consisted of a basket filled with family health items, a nurse’s kit and one of The Singing Nurse CDs. He proudly posed for a picture to display the basket of gifts.

Picture 005

Rice University Students take TSN Global Health Songs to Nicaragua!

October 30, 2009 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music, TSN outreach Projects


Beth and kate



kate and Beth on a missions trip to El Transito, Nicaragua to teach english, donate sports equipment and share The Singing Nurse Global Health Songs.

While there, they worked with and made friends with the local families and children. To see and read their blog go to




Global Health Song Nicaragua 2 Global Health Song Nicaragua 3