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Earth Day Eve Easy Activities

April 21, 2013 in Creative Adventures

Easy Earth Day Activities

Today our Sunday school director and helpers created a fun filled Earth Day with fun and easy activities. These are activities you can quickly pull together even tonight. Pick a couple Earth Day activities or do all of them. Hands on activities are a fun way to engage kids and educate them at the same time. The kids had a blast and learned how to care for the earth God created.

Mystery Bags

The morning started off with mystery bags. Each bag was marked with a question mark. Each bag contained some item that was a clue to what God created.

Dirt for the earth

Shells for the ocean

Pine cones for trees

Fur for animals

Feather for birds

Fake flowers for plants etc.

You may have some of your own ideas to convey what God created.

Explain how God created the heavens and the earth, light, sky, sun, moon and stars, earth and the waters, plants and trees, birds, fish and creatures and Adam and Eve. Genesis. 1:1-2:25

Skit: Take care of the earth and keep her clean

Child 1: Holds the earth and wraps blue sheet or plastic to represent the oceans.

Child 2: Throws paper cup at earth and sticks gum on her shoulder.

Child 3: Pours a bag of crumpled news papers over her.

Child 4: Comes with a sponge to wipe the earth, picks the gum off the earth’s shoulder and picks up the crumpled papers.

Bird Feeder Craft

Needed: Fluff, birdseed, ¼ inch round dowels 6 inches long(they come in 12 inch lengths so just cut it in half) toilet paper rolls, string, plastic knife, hole punch


Punch two holes across from each other at the top (1/2 inch down) of each toilet paper roll and attach a string to hang later.

Punch two holes across from each other about 1 inch in at the bottom of your toilet paper rolls, punch two more holes about 1/2 inch in across from each other which are opposite the other holes. Later the children will slide the short dowels into the bottom holes creating a crisscross effect allowing pegs for the birds to sit on. You will do this after you stick the birdseed on.

Place bird seed in pie tins and fluff in little cups.

Let the kids spread the fluff on the toilet paper rolls with a plastic knife, then roll them in the birdseed.

Push the dowels through the holes at the bottom of your toilet paper roll.

Place creation on a paper plate to take home late.

Outside Activity

Place 4 containers marked Glass, Tin, Plastic and Paper.

Leader pours out a bag of the above recyclables. Theresa and  her team did a great job.

Children relay race to pick up the recyclables and places them in the correct bins.

Older kids can help the younger ones.


Make vanilla and chocolate pudding, children choose if they want crumbled cookies(dirt) or gummy worms on top. Yum!


Place an assortment of paint colors and let the kids paint what they learned about.

Have a Wonderful Earth Day Celebration!

 Ms. Dawn

For more see our Previous Earth Day Post with songs and craft ideas.

What is your biggest challenge to teach your children to take good care of our awesome world?  Please comment below.




Earth Day & More, Who started this?

April 17, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

I have been searching the Internet today for post and videos that are great resources for you on Earth Day. We have been given such a glorious place to live. The earth is so diverse. We have deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, plush places and dry places. We have such an array of animals and creatures I am sure we have not discovered them all. The plants that cover our earth generously shade us and feed us. We have so much to thank God for. We also have a great responsibility to be good care takers of all He’s given us.

This little song is great for your littlest ones, I love the little picture book this mother created. It looks pretty easy too.

Days of Creation Song

Days of Creation Collage-really cute idea, good for all kids

God of Wonders Song-great Chris Tomlin song with words sung by kids

Indescribable song by Chris Tomlin-some awesome pictures of creation as He proclaims God is indescribable

In the Beginning is the song I want you to check out. It is the first one in unit 1. It is lively and teaches the days of creation, all kids will love it. The Donut Man has been around for awhile but I love his songs. He has loads of DVD’s too so you can see all the hand motions. The link I have included below is a curriculum with 52 songs and lessons. It is very reasonably priced at 39.95.

 The Donut Man Website 

The Miracle in Seedsarts and crafts using seeds, looks fun.

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Have a Wonderful Spring Celebration on Earth Day, Remember who made it all…
For Life and Healthy Living,