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New Time Lapse Doodle Song

March 27, 2021 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Mike & Dawn Ginese Music

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share my most recent video with you that includes some inspiration, doodle lyrics and one of my husband Mike Ginese songs. I hope you are ok during these difficult times. My goal is to allow some moments of good vibes & meditation verses all the craziness going on.

May you have God’s peace!

My latest videos have included some doodling from an app called adobe sketch. It has been very relaxing and allowed me to add another element to my videos. Check it out & Enjoy! The Free PDF link to Doodle Frames.

I have created a Free DOODLE FRAMES PDF to add a little cheer to your day. Let me know what you think? Did you enjoy them and are they helpful to you?

Sample frame:

Possible uses:

Send a note to a friend
Tuck a note into a lunchbox
Make a quick shopping list
Write your scriptures memory verse

May you and your family have a Blessed Holy Season!

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Merry Christmas! What’s up now?

December 28, 2017 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, The Singing Nurse Music

Hi Friends,

Hi, what’s up and did you have a great Christmas? Below is a picture before we opened presents this year. We gathered as a family, combining 4 families and all the kids gifts. We have such abundance don’t we?

The days preceding Christmas we traveled 14 hours along highway 81, snacked, ate, spilled, bickered and tried to synchronize our potty stops, yeah right?
We ate and ate, tried to sleep, rock climbed(inside of course because it was in the 30’s brrrr in Tennessee),went for walks to help kids expend energy, wedged in naps and ate some more.
We saw the “Polar Express” movie, very fun movie with awesome 3D effects, baked cookies for the local fire department and took a walk to deliver them, the kids really enjoyed it.
We did a lot of laughing and watching how the kids interacted with each other, cute and very entertaining and did I say eat? Of course, lots of eating and snacking.
We love our kids and grand kids but it is good to be home and get back to “normal”.
So what else have I been up to? I created some cute t-shirts for the grand kids…”Strong Kids Eat Plants “ with pictures of all of them making muscles with a carrot, apple, pear and broccoli, and gave one to each of their moms and auntie.

If you have any interest in having one let me know. It can also be customized with your child/children’s picture.
So what about the future in 2018…
I am taking a Plant Based cooking course in January because in the past couple years I changed to a Whole Food Plant Based way of eating and I am enjoying the health benefits like lowering my cholesterol. I’m a nurse right? I want to learn more tasty ways to get in more fruits, veggies, beans, potatoes, legumes and quinoa etc., you know all that healthy stuff that comes from the earth. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about it.
I continue to do fun projects with my patient that can be transferred to home or classroom activities with your kids.
I would love to hear how your Holiday Season has gone. Do you have any funny stories any healthy recipes, any questions or ideas?
All of this sharing to bring us back to what Christmas is really about. Here are the words to a Christmas song I wrote awhile back when I was getting sad one Christmas. It’s so easy to get caught up in the commercialism and activities of the season and miss the point.

“People and Presents” Lyrics

People and presents, all around the tree
But what Lord, oh what, have You received from me
A sentimental mind, thinking only of me
Wondering what gifts I’d receive
Forgetting all about You

Did you get the gift, you felt you deserved
Were you let down, or were you hurt
A sentimental mind, thinking only of me
Wondering what gifts I’d receive
Forgetting all about You

And on that star filled night
When shepherds came to see
The One who came to die
For you and I, for you and I

Well we almost missed, the point you see
The gift God has given, for you and for me
What shall we give to Him, on this very day?
We give You, we give You our praise
We give You, we give You our praise

What shall we give to Him, on this very day?
We give You, we give You our praise
We give You, we give You our praise
By Dawn Ginese 1980’s

I hope you had an awesome Christmas and Holiday season,
Blessings to you and yours…
Have a Happy New Year too!
Ms Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Link to a personal Christmas video on YouTube
Link to a germ lessons & poster
Link to TSN songs

Easter Tissue Cross Craft

April 9, 2017 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love


Updated Easter Paper Plate,Tissue Paper Cross: Draw a cross on the eating side of your plate, then cut little shapes with your exacto knife. Glue small pieces of tissue paper and add curling ribbon to the bottom of your plate. For further instructions see directions below. Happy Easter!





We are going to an old folks home tomorrow so I pulled together a craft for the  kids at church to make that will be used to decorate for our visit. Our friends love anything we do for them, love our visits and are always very appreciative. So sad to be lonely.

Make a pattern for cross.






1. Make a pattern for the cross by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting it as shown in the picture.

Trace pattern to plate

2. Trace cross pattern to the inside near the top of your paper plate, you will be adding words to the bottom. After you cut out your first cross use it as your pattern now, it is easier to handle.

Adult cuts cross with small razor.

Remove cross cut out.

Cross cut out.

3. Cut with a small razor knife, this of course is done by an adult. I prep all of the parts of the project so the kids only need to glue, color and tie a string. Now flip your plate over to the eating side to get ready for tissue paper.

Cut tissue in 1×3 inch strips.






4. Cut tissue paper in 1 x 3 inch strips. Cut various colors, I chose, pink, purple and sparkle white.

Glue tissue across opening.






5. Glue tissue strips across cross opening. Glue in different angles overlapping a bit each time to create a stain glass look. Add more glue as needed to make edges stick.

6. Final touches:  Add a greeting, I said Happy Easter and added a flower graphic to each side which I found on the web. I made several copies of my greeting in a word doc. and cut them in strips with a paper cutter. You might also find a nice one in sticker form. I drew a little grass at the bottom of the cross, green makes things look like they belong. I  added a small sun made from yellow tissue paper, colored the edges with purple, pink and green, punched two holes and added a string.

You can hang your Easter plate in a window which will catch the light nicely or you can hang it on a wall, cabinet knob or wherever you like.

Tissue Easter cross on wall.

Light shines through Easter plate.








Hope you have a blessed Resurrection Easter Sunday. Thank God for His awesome love.  Easter wouldn’t be Easter without all that Jesus has done.  Have a great day with family and friends, enjoy the warmer weather and be healthy.


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Advent Giving Tree Tutorial, Creating an Attitude of Giving

December 11, 2014 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child

Advent Giving Tree Tutorial

Christmas can get cluttered so easily can’t it? Christmas time sometimes brings my head down, the way it is so commercialized. I have to remind myself that it is an awesome opportunity to share the love of God in Christ.

It seems there are so many distractions from the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an old party pooper who wants to squash everybody’s fun. It’s just that sometimes other “things” are replacing remembering the greatest gift God gave us.

This is a tutorial on creating an Advent Giving Tree…

I started doing an advent tree with my children way back when. We tied money to the advent tree. Daily we collected the money from the tree and when we saved enough we purchased canned goods for the local food pantry. Sometimes I would slip a lollipop in as well. Now I will encourage the kids to give to the bell ringing Salvation Army and continue with the purchase of canned goods for their local food pantry.

So below are my old and new advent giving trees, the one on the left is the old one, not too bad eh? And the one on the right is the one I made this week. I am giving it to my older grandchildren. I know this post should have been written and delivered just after Thanksgiving, but what can I say? I just had a new grand baby girl and she is awesome. I was busy :D.

resized new g treeresized

The items you will need: 3/4 inch ribbon, glitter fabric glue, scissors, 1 dinner mat. ribbon or string

glitter cloth paint

I picked up a dinner mat at my local Family Dollar Store for just a buck. I had the ribbon and glitter fabric glue already.

Cut Ribbon into 8, 4 and 2 inch strips

2-8 inch ribbon strips

8-4 inch ribbon strips

9-2 inch ribbon strips

Lay all the pieces on your dinner mat first to make sure all of them will fit. My largest pieces were a little less than 8 inches. You may need to adjust the size of your pieces if  your mat is larger or smaller. So the top long pieces going down are the 8 inch pieces, then use the 2 inch to jut in. Go back out with the 4 inch, and 2 inches jut back in again and repeat 2 more times. Square off the bottom with 4 inch strips and create the trunk with 3-2 inches strips. Glue all your pieces to the mat with the glitter fabric glue.

Use any piece of cloth to create a star, cut it out, glue it and outline the edges with glitter fabric glue.

resize ribbon tree


glue along treeOutline the outside edge of your tree with a thin line of glitter fabric glue.

Cut 25 piece of string 10 inches long, tie a knot in the middle of each string/thin ribbon. Lay the 25 knotted strings on your tree to see how they will fit. I used this combo going across 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 3, 4, 2, 3. Next you glue the knotted string or ribbon to the knot with pen cap

Put a dot of glue and carefully place the knot of the string in the middle of the glue dot. I used a pen cap to gently press it in place. Add a little glue across the knot on top, it make it lood like a button. As you can see I used 2 different strings, if I were to do it over I would only use one. If you really want to use 2 different strings just make sure they are of the same material, yarn and ribbon are not a good match because the yarn stretches. 

This  process takes a few different sessions as you don’t want things to get moved and stuck to each other. It could get messy and ruin your project if you don’t take your time here. The glued knots need to dry in between before adding more. You can apply about 2 rows at a time by moving the string tails in positions that allow a 2nd row. Very carefully…This is not a project for young children.


resize add ties

When all 9 of your rows are added and dry, you can now add your scriptures.

I printed my words in a dark wine color and used a heavier stock of paper. When you glue the paper to the dinner mat put your glue on the outer edges. I applied mine in the center and it smudged the letters a bit because of the glues moisture. 

Put a line of glitter fabric glue to overlap on the dinner mat and paper. weigh it down with coins so it will not move.

resize scripture  coins to weigh down  

Scriptures I used are…

” …Walk in the way of love,

just as Christ loved us and

gave himself up for us…”

Matthew 5:1 NIV


” Jesus himself said:

‘It is more blessed to give

 than to receive.’ 

Acts 20:35 NIV

g tree cellTie your dollars to the tree.

Some awesome family advent resources:

Preparing to Celebrate Christ’s Birth“Arrival” by Billy Graham 

Our Daily Bread App info.

I will redeem my tardiness and make this a project one that you can use in the near future. Create the same idea but use the shape of a heart for Valentines Day. Talk about how loving is an act of giving. 

Have a Wonderful Christmas Season!

Ms. Dawn

Now be a sweetie and please share this post. Please make a comment to let me know if you enjoy this sort of post. 


Free Christmas Music

December 17, 2013 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music

Merry Christmas!

Free Christmas music from The Singing Nurse for the whole family.

Tell a friend! Listen to the true meaning of Christmas. Send me a note requesting my FREE Christmas songs via my contact page and I will send you my 3 Christmas songs. Below are short lyric excerpts from each. Scroll down  to watch the Video Song.


Christmas tree painted 09

True Love…

“Born in a manger bitter sweet,

born for the nails in His hands and feet,

it was in His plan, to bruise Him in His side

born a man, so the world would see, His love…”

The First Time…

“How does the mother of my Lord come to me

And Mary when you entered the room

The child within lept within my womb

Oh Mary, how will you feel…”

People and Presents…

“People and Presents all around the tree

But what Lord, oh what, have You received from me

a sentimental mind, thinking only of me

wondering what gifts I’d receive

forgetting all about you…”

Blessings to you and yours, TSN, Ms. Dawn


 True Love Music Video with vintage pictures

First posted Dec 2010 by Dawn Ginese/The Singing Nurse

We Have A Lot to Be Thankful For!

November 25, 2013 in God - Faith - Hope - Love

Hi friends, this is a blessing from my pastor and husband during our church service this Sunday. We celebrated the blessings that have come to our church family and to us personally. Not everything has been smooth sailing, but that is how life can be right? But, it is so good to remember and count our blessings because we do have a lot to be thankful for. The top Responsive Reading is for each of us as followers of Christ and the bottom is for our church fellowship. I am sure you will be able to relate to both. The drawing below is the doodling I did during the service.

Scroll to the bottom to view a short video and learn a fun kids song called “We’ve Got A Lot to Be Thankful for”.  

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Dawn

We have a lot to be thankful for


          Responsive Reading 

 He forgives all my sins 
and heals all my diseases.

He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies.

He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!

BLESS Response

“Bless the Lord O My Soul & All that is Within Me, Bless His Holy Name”

The Lord is compassionate and merciful,
slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. He does not punish us for all our sins;
he does not deal harshly with us, as we deserve.


For his unfailing love toward those who fear him is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth! He has removed our sins as far from us 
as the east is from the west.


The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him. For he knows how weak we are;
he remembers we are only dust.

But the love of the Lord remains forever 
with those who fear him.


Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
 Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning;
 Great is Your faithfulness.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future


“Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last.  I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades


I Will never leave you or forsake you but will be with you every step of the way!     


          Personal Responsive 

Lord as you know, we started this work 23 years ago and have been in this place for 10 years and you have been with us every step of the way?


We have seen up times and down times. Sweet peace and turmoil, abundant times & Lean times, but you have remained our faithful constant guide, refuge & friend.


At times we have been very sure of our direction and other times we groped after you to understand, but you have never abandoned us and continually showered your mercies upon us and led us even when we didn’t know where you were leading.


Lord we thank you for those who have come to Faith through this ministry and the many who found the power of your Grace to be restored from their brokenness, loneliness and discouragement. You know them all by name!


Lord we thank you for those who became soldiers & servants for you, in order to ”Bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people and assisted them to become fully devoted followers”


‘So now Lord we thank and praise and bless your Holy Name for allowing us to be Errand boys and Errand girls, IN THIS CORNER OF THE VINEYARD, to give witness of the Good News, which is the power of God for Salvation!


Finally Lord, what can we say! But by your grace we will say what David said, “who are we, that you have shown such kindness to us!  ALL that we are and anything we’ve given to you, is already yours, it all comes from your hand. But we thank you 1000 times over for your loving kindness that’s better than life & for the great honor & privilege to serve You & to enjoy the many benefits that have come to us BY YOUR SHEER GENEROSITY!


Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving…


Thankful Song Video


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The Other Musical Side of The Singing Nurse, Project Complete

September 18, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Hi my Friends,
No germs here today!

UPDATE project is complete see it here.

Well, I have been a bit out of commission with our recent vacation and finishing up on our new CD, I have a lot of catching up to do. Recording is like pregnancy and takes just about as long, as I am sure all of you can attest to with any creative project you are in midst of and want to do with excellence.

Well our musical tapestry will be in our arms soon and it is all about “Transitions”. The songs are about life, lovers, God and the tough times we pilgrims pass through. The music styles includes Lennon, Rundgren, and Bacharach ballads, with a big band rock jazz feel on the faster songs. What can I say, my husband Michael Ginese is a boy from the late 60’s early 70’s and wrote all the songs. I am really liking it! I have the privilege of singing lots of harmony and solo on three of the ballads.

If you would be so kind as to watch the video below to learn more about the project I am working on to help us promote the CD that would be awesome. The project is a song video as a way to introduce folks to our CD and to get all of you involved. The tune is a song for lovers commitment to each other in marriage who can still say, I’m glad “You’re Still Here with Me”.

Update, Project Now Complete: Send your short video clips, wedding and current pictures and how many yrs married to: put “pictures for love song” in the subject
I would love for you to be part,
One of His,

You’re Still Here with Me
Mike Ginese 2012
Oh my dear friend, I sure love you so
My companion, such deep trust you show
I’m so humbled, I’m so graced with life
To have you with me, as we move toward night

I have more than, than I ever dreamed
In your arms are, all the joys I need
I would not trade, a dark or sun filled day
For the love that, you have brought my way

Chorus: How many times I’ve fallen, yet you held my hand
And stayed right by my side, when everyone else leaves
You’re still here with me, you’re the only one
You’re still here with me

Only you know, when I’m weak or strong
I’ve hidden nothing, my life’s an open song
You won’t leave me and I won’t turn and run
We’ll be together, now and forever one


Check out the music, view the completed video & and interview.


R.I.P. Family & Friend of 9/11

September 11, 2013 in God - Faith - Hope - Love

911 tribute with words Blessing to you and  yours who have lost loved ones and friends. 


Butterfly can still fly!

August 20, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Hi, just wanted to encourage you today. Sometimes junk happens and it is hard to get going again. I took this photo this year and it is my first pinterest creation. I walked outside and was awed by all these gorgeous flowers. The gardener Dale, took great pride and joy in the hours she spent nurturing them.  But, I could not help but notice the delicate butterfly that you can obviously see has a clipped wing. The fine detailed butterfly was still enjoying all of creation and flying her little heart out. I want to be like this beautiful butterfly. I am in the midst of reading a book by Mary DeMuth. It is about walls around our heart and learning to live a life with an open heart even after horrifying things have happened to us. I have not had horrible things happen to me but I certainly have been dissed and betrayed, so I am learning to fly again and to open my heart to love and care more. You can check out Mary DeMuth/free stuff, she is a real one and an example of a beautiful butterfly still flying. 

Like the song says “I hope you dance…”, well… I hope you fly…and sing too. 

Ms. Dawn

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we see no orphans Update to post, pin added, quote from Mary E. DeMuth book “The Wall Around Your Heart” Coming in October


Memorial Day that keeps on Remembering

May 24, 2013 in God - Faith - Hope - Love

I know Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have fallen in time of war.  Family and friends attend parades and gathering for BBQ’s on the Memorial Day week-end and we all love to usher in the warmer weather and the summer season that follows. My husband and I wanted to make this Memorial Day more meaningful.

We have been curious about the “Wounded Warrior Project”.  War is such a tragedy and to think that so many have died for us and live with wounds for the rest of their lives is a very sobering reality.  We have taken the leap and signed up for the “Wounded Warrior Project” which for us is a monthly donation.

Our own children have not had to serve our country in this capacity so this is our way to say thanks and to remember what other families continue to go through. A monthly donation of this size is so very small in comparison to the service our vets have given to us.

 “Founded in 2003, WWP raises awareness and enlists the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, helps injured service members aid and assist each other, and provides unique direct programs and services to meet their needs.”

Thanks to all our wounded warriors and to those who have given their lives. Thanks to your families for sharing you with us.

History of Memorial Day: