Projects Left Unfinished Saddens A Teacher During Covid19

May 24, 2020 in News - Updates, Nurturing the Child

When I left my classroom in March I didn’t think that would be the last time I would be in the classroom with all my wonderful preschoolers. I didn’t know that would be the last time I would see their smiling faces. The last time I would get to hug them. The last time we would be learning together in person. The last time I would see the excitement on their faces when they entered the classroom.
Today I walked into my classroom filled with projects left unfinished, crayons and glue sticks half-used, untold stories, empty playgrounds, missed moments and unmade memories. Packing it all up before the year is complete is sad, it is frustrating, and it is hard.
Right now this classroom is where time stands still, but it will become a classroom where time moves again. It will be a day to celebrate, share stories, create art, ask questions, and learn together. I can’t wait for the day we are all together again❤️

Sarah Smith Ginese

My daughter-in-law shared this on her Facebook wall recently. Sarah is a great mom and I know she relished spending the special time in the lock down with her own kids but this shows her heart as a teacher. 

Can you relate to Sarah? How did you cope with the Covid19 lock down? How did you juggle home, online teaching and following up with your own children learning online? Please share in the comments below. It can be funny too, I may share my teacher daughter in-laws funny stories in another post.

Thanks for all you do for Children

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