What do you collect at the Beach?

March 5, 2013 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures

I was away this winter catching some sunshine, strolling the beach and collecting my shells and rocks and I met Leah. She was doing her own collecting and I was curious.  She had a huge bucket, and my pockets were getting so full I had to keep pulling up my sagging pants. I was thinking I might need a huge bucket like hers next time I walked the Florida coast.

Finally, our paths crossed and I inquisitively asked what she was collecting. With her contagious smile she stated she was collecting garbage. Wow, impressed, I quizzed her further.  She was visiting her family in Florida and practicing what she preached (my words). She was on break from West Virginia University majoring in Environment Studies.

Leah was collecting our careless littering. So I said let me take a picture so you can add it to your portfolio and she agreed.  I was getting a little annoyed with the sun because it was difficult to maneuver my iphone because of the brightness.  How trite of me, we both shared a laughing aha moment, after all, the beautiful beach and wonderful warm sun were the major reasons we were both there.

 Leah inspired me, so on my next walk I carried a bucket to collect some garbage too. It is amazing when you change your mind set to be aware of your environment.  So now I will look with different eyes to collect shells, rocks and garbage.

This is one of the creatures giving us the reason to remove the harmful effects of plastic bags, fork, spoons, soda bottle lids and cigarette butts etc. 

Remember of course to wash your hands after picking up garbage.

Be Helpful, Be Healthy, Be a Good Steward,

Ms. Dawn

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