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Stingrays and Handwashing

January 20, 2012 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates

I was recently in Florida for some R & R so we packed up the kid and visited the local Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. The center had loads of fun for all ages, pre-school to adults. It had great stuff to view, and fun activities to do.

Click hear to learn more about stingrays right from the center. Check out their store.

We especially enjoyed feeding the stingrays. We were given some interesting info about stingrays then told to wash our hands.  Hand washing was very important in order to remove any lotions or sunscreen.

                                                                  Ms. Dawn feeds the Stingray!

The kids and grandma really enjoyed the stingray feeding and you can be sure we washed our hands afterwards as well. Hand washing is important to both animals and people. Proper hand washing keeps us all healthy.

       Hungry Stingray!                                                                    Brave little hands feed the Stingray!

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Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

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H1N1 Another Reason to Wash Hands

April 26, 2010 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

Germ to Color

Speaking of Germs: Does anyone know the name of the flu that is going around right now? It’s a lot like the seasonal influenza. H1N1, some call it Swine flu because it is a lot like the germ/virus that gets the pigs sick, but you cannot get it from a pig, you get it from people.

H1N1 is another good reason for washing our hands. Hand washing is the number one action we can take to help get rid of germs which also helps prevent contagious diseases.

Signs & Symptoms of H1N1-fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, H/A, chills, fatigue, some diarrhea/vomiting.

How is it spread? Touching the germs, a cough, a sneeze (use a spray bottle to demonstrate germs flying around)

What should we do? Wash our hands often, or use hand sanitizer (alcohol based) stay home when sick & when you have a fever (24hr free), stay away from sick people, cough/sneeze in your shoulder or a tissue, don’t touch your eyes, mouth, nose, keep counters clean of germs in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and clean children’s toys (virus lives 2-8hrs on objects)

Call the Doctor if you have ?’s.

Bad for: frail people, diabetics, people w asthma, heart disease, people w kidney disease, real old people, real young children, pregnant women.

Vaccine is available to help prevent from getting H1N1 or lessens how bad it can get.

Medicine is available to those who are frail and may need to go to the hospital. Antiviral medication helps stop the virus.

Call the Doctor when you have questions:     

Call 911 if: short of breath and having a hard time breathing, color looks bad (bluish), not drinking fluid, fever w rash, bad pain, really sick

Teaching children and parents about good health habits is important, and learning with music is fun and effective. Try using “Rubba Dub Dub or Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” to present your good hygiene health habit lesson to your young children and their families.

Other resources: Hand Washing Lesson Plan, Music

Check with your local health department for current information pertaining to your geographic area.

For Healthy Families,

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

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