Fall Tribute, “Summer to Winter” New Song Video

October 15, 2014 in Creative Adventures, TSN Therapeutic Projects

Hi Friends,

If you are in an area where you are enjoying the fall, it has been so awesome this year. A friend of mine said his Vermont fall was unbelievable and much better than recent years. He said pictures could not capture it all.
Fall makes us all feel so alive and also gives us a little twinge of reality that winter is on its way yet again. Hopefully we will all stay healthy and safe.

On a somber note…It is so sad that the Ebola situation is here in America and of course it is sad for the other countries it is touching as well.
 Just a reminder to remember to wash your hands often and if you hear someone coughing & sneezing, don’t be embarrassed to move away from them or pop a face mask on.

Back to “fall” again…Many of you know that not only do I sing fun kid songs but I also sing with my husband. Fall will be at its peak soon and I wanted to share my most recent creation. I have created a song video with photos that I have taken from my neck of the woods; water, leaves, awesome moon, sunsets and a few NYC pics. Some pictures are from family & Facebook followers too.
Happy Fall & Healthy Winter to you.

Link to Fall Tribute, Song Video

More info “Transitions” music project

“Summer to Winter”

“Summer days are almost gone,
pretty fall days don’t last that long.
Old man winter, will chill you to the bone,
Hope spring arrives soon,
in the corner of our little home….”

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A cool bonus just because I like you and want you to be healthier than ever this year. Fun Flu Quiz post and more on Colds/Germs.

For Happy Healthy Kids,

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