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Fall Tribute, “Summer to Winter” New Song Video

October 15, 2014 in Creative Adventures, TSN Therapeutic Projects

Hi Friends,

If you are in an area where you are enjoying the fall, it has been so awesome this year. A friend of mine said his Vermont fall was unbelievable and much better than recent years. He said pictures could not capture it all.
Fall makes us all feel so alive and also gives us a little twinge of reality that winter is on its way yet again. Hopefully we will all stay healthy and safe.

On a somber note…It is so sad that the Ebola situation is here in America and of course it is sad for the other countries it is touching as well.
 Just a reminder to remember to wash your hands often and if you hear someone coughing & sneezing, don’t be embarrassed to move away from them or pop a face mask on.

Back to “fall” again…Many of you know that not only do I sing fun kid songs but I also sing with my husband. Fall will be at its peak soon and I wanted to share my most recent creation. I have created a song video with photos that I have taken from my neck of the woods; water, leaves, awesome moon, sunsets and a few NYC pics. Some pictures are from family & Facebook followers too.
Happy Fall & Healthy Winter to you.

Link to Fall Tribute, Song Video

More info “Transitions” music project

“Summer to Winter”

“Summer days are almost gone,
pretty fall days don’t last that long.
Old man winter, will chill you to the bone,
Hope spring arrives soon,
in the corner of our little home….”

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A cool bonus just because I like you and want you to be healthier than ever this year. Fun Flu Quiz post and more on Colds/Germs.

For Happy Healthy Kids,

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Music is Therapeudic, Set your Stage

June 11, 2014 in Music with Kids, TSN Therapeutic Projects

A Merry HeartHow many of you enjoy music? I am a great music lover and really enjoy finding new music. It amazes me how many gifted people are out there that none of us will ever hear about. Music can help you feel sad when you need to work through grief. A special song can make you feel brave in a difficult situation. Beautiful melodies will move you to tears and pull your guts out, especially if stringed instruments are involved . You get the point, it is an awesome and a powerful medium that influences the way we feel. I believe music is therapeutic, a gift to us.

Today I wanted to introduce you to some great music I have come across in the last couple years. These songs have encouraged me and brought me out of some down times. So, as you may expect the songs I am introducing you to today set a “Happy” mood. We know how much we all need some “Happy”, as the song by that name has topped the charts.

When my little patient rolls out one of those big crocodile tears because he is either bored or notices his able bodied brothers heading for a walk outside, I cheer him up with some great songs with encouraging happy lyrics. He responds…

Songs and music can help set the mood of your home, your classroom or an event. Please check out these great artist, I did all the reviewing for you…

Cathy Heller-I found one of her songs used in a video and said,”I have to have that”! I discovered a treasure chess full of “happy & sunny” songs.

Cathy Heller, FoundFounditunes link

Best Days of OurLives

I Will Follow You


The Sunshine is Callin’ me


Cathy Heller, Breaking FreeBreaking Freeitunes link

Gonna Make a Change

Let Your Colors Shine





itunes link

I Love You More Than Sunshine

itunes link

You Make Me Happy



Cathy Heller, Imagine NationImagine Nation-EP itunes link

Mr. Sun

Love and Be Loved




Cathy Heller, You're Home to MeYou’re Home to Me-EP itunes link

Gonna Be Happy

So This is Love




Cathy Heller, Turn the Sunshine OnTurn the Sunshine Onitunes link

Turn the Sunshine On




Video Song

(I made it in this one, see if you can find me)


Jamie Grace-I’m not sure how I found Jamie but she is similar in style to Cathy Heller with a little more soul. I like the whole album, kids like her songs too. Happy, upbeat, fun! Her CD comes from a Christian world view.

Jamie Grace, One Song at a TimeOne Song at a Time– itunes link






Josie Nelson-I found Josie on YouTube. This is a great song for a rainy day. Her style is also similar to Jamie Grace and Cathy Heller. She has made her presence know via Youtube doing originals and cover songs. Check out her Youtube channel sometime.

Josie Nelson, SunshineSunshine itunes link






Khristian Dentley-I can’t remember how I found Khristian but you may have heard him in the group Take 6. The style is definitely pop jazz and my favorites are his upbeat songs. The last song I list is an awesome worship song. His CD has a Christian world view for sure.

Khristian Dentley 3.0itunes link

Khristian Dentley 3.0It’s Time to Fly

My Happy


Chocolate Chip Rocket Ship

Breath of Life


Pomplamoose-I was introduced to this duo by my brother, they have loads of really creative videos. They are known for their great editing and multi screens visuals. “Most” of them are appropriate for the whole family, Fun, upbeat…really, go check out their videos, you’ll get hooked, watch them on your smart TV, then take them with you via itunes downloads.

Pomplamoose“Happy” Pharrell Mash-up- itunes link

“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go- itunes link





Wake Me Up Before You Go Go…Fun YouTube Vid!


Go Fish-A really fun group of 3 guys who do a lot of VBS and Sunday School songs for kids and with kids. Really delightful catchy tunes, makes you want to sing and dance. Christian world view.

Go FishChrist the Lord is Risen Today- itunes link






Mercy Me- Definitely not new to the music world but worth a mention. I just came across their new video(I’m on their mailing list) “Shake”…Love, love, love it. If you have a reason, or need a reason to sing and dance this will get you moving for sure. Check it out here.

I play all of these songs for my little patient and if he does not like a song he will cry. No crying here with all of this great music, he has good taste. Why not support these artist today and go download their music. It takes hours, weeks and months to produce great songs and music for all of us. Let’s keep the music coming…go ahead spend a buck or two or ten today.

For “Happy” days even if it’s raining outside,

Have a Great Summer



Dawn’s recent CD with husband/pastor itune link


Got a Cold?

November 18, 2013 in Children's Health Education

First posted in Feb, 2012 but unfortunately true this week. Worth the reminder because the cold season is back again. Slight different events but situations and reasons the same. 🙁 Read on for cold info, remedies, and a simple soup recipe. Hope you stay well…

Yes, yours truly Ms. Dawn has taken a fall… probably from that Rhinovirus going around. Do you think it might have anything to do with cuddling and one too many smooches from the grand-kids on Super Bowl Sunday? The grand-kids have been laying low with colds for the past two weeks. It did not help that my husband came down with it first and lacked the “listen and do”, advice of The Singing Nurse. Please,  “cough or sneeze in your shoulder”, “and if you forget, wash your hands”, and I’ll add another, “please, try not to breath on me”.

Sad but true, no matter how hard we try to keep ourselves healthy, stuff still flies. Actually it really does fly, the germs are airborne when we cough and sneeze and can go as far as 12 ft and that’s pretty far.

So how did I start to feel? This may help you especially if you work with children in close proximity or with fragile patients as I do.


1. My neck started to ache. This is a big clue and in the nursing world, we call it malaise. You start to feel achy and just not feeling up to snuff.  This is usually the first sign of illness that begins the intrusion on your healthy space and you are probably the most contagious at that time.

So what did I do?

I started wearing a face mask at work. I made every effort to not get too close to my patient, especially his face, and of course I washed my hands frequently. Hand sanitizer is a great back-up measure to have available.  Water, soap and friction are your best bets to prevent the spread of germs. And always…..cough or sneeze in your shoulder and…you guessed it, wash your hands again.

Well, now that we have these crummy little colds:

My husband is on antibiotics because his cold developed into bronchitis. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the brochioles which is part of your lungs. Many people have a tendency to develop bronchitis especially people with asthma.

So what are some home remedies to care for and help alleviate your cold and that general stuffed up feeling? Please if you are very ill or have a fever, check with your doctor to receive medical advice and treatment.

1. Drink fluids…We enjoy hot tea with honey and lemon. I put a pot of soup on which is a great way to get your fluids and take in Vit C rich veggies. The recipe is simple and it is good to have these items on hand during the cold and flu season. Of course if you are totally miserable please don’t feel guilty about opening a ready made can of soup, more power to you.

1 Knorr vegetable mix packet: this one also makes a great dip.

Cut up a handful of baby carrots, 1 medium onion, 1 red potato, fresh cilantro, 2 cloves of garlic and add a couple chicken bouillon cubes to about 5-6 cups of water in a pot.

Bring to a boil and then simmer until veggies are done. The whole process takes about 45-60 mins.












2. I like to take vit C or one of those special fizzy packets you mix with water that has vit C in it at the first sign of a cold.

3. Rest is the best way for your body to heal. Your body is working hard to fight off the germs. I know it is very difficult to rest when you have the responsibilities of work and young children. I used to put up a gate in a safe room that the kids could play in while we watched a DVD, listened to music, read books or watched cartoons. We rested and hung out together.

4. My husband likes to breath in warm steam to help open his airways.

Below are a couple of links you may enjoy about colds.

More interesting facts about cold symptoms and germs.

Home remedies by Donna Cordillo R.N.

About the lungs from

And just in case you have not heard The Singing Nurse songs about not spreading germs and washing hands, you might want to check them out, they are great for teaching your children how to protect themselves from germs. The songs are educational and entertaining and your kids will become little “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” advocates.

Please add a comment below about your winter blues and what you are doing to stay healthy.

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 Ms. Dawn


Singing about Life and Healthy Living!

January 9, 2008 in News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music

First Post 01-09-2008


Hi, So glad you stopped by. As you can see we are under construction, and doing final touches to my upcoming CD and websites. I’m getting excited because this has been quite a long project. I hope you will order the CD.  The songs are done in many different styles of music with latin beats, country rock, broadway, Asian and the smooth voices of Ms. Dawn and friends.

What you’ll find here:

Take a little tour around and please make sure you check out the songs on the Music page.

I am a nurse and musician and the songs I have written and recorded have fun health related messag es that are upbeat and would appeal to your preschooler and young elementary children.

Read the “U Sait It!” tab to see what grandmothers, moms, teachers and an author are saying about the music.

After you have checked out the tunes please add yourself to the “U R Here!” map and let us know what you think.

The About page is where you will learn about my musical beginnings.

You can check out the blog to keep abreast of the musical adventures of The Singing Nurse.

The Lyrics tab will show you all the lyrics and the inspiration behind the songs.

Jenn’s Story is a page to encourage you if you or your family are living with disabilities.

A portion of the proceeds from this CD will be going to aid: The Hungry and Families Living with HIV/AIDS through “Nazarene Compassionate Ministries”.

I hope you will tell all your teacher contacts, healthcare professionals, parents and friends to purchase:

“The Singing Nurse”, Nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit CD.

Hope to hear from you soon.

For Healthy Children, Body, Mind and Spirit

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

UpDate: All the Songs & Lessons are available for download. Enjoy!