The Accidental Pumpkin Bush

September 17, 2011 in Creative Adventures, Uncategorized

The Accidental Pumpkin Bush

Dawn Ginese 9/5/11

What’s that bush tucked under the stairs

I don’t remember planting it there

It seems to keep growing with no help from me

The sun rays warm it, the stormy rains water it

And all I use are my curious eyes to see

This accidental pumpkin bush is growing just for me

Someone placed a smiling pumpkin one October day

It glowed with a candle and grinned for weeks

And mellowed with time to mush and seeds

Thanks to those of that first carved creation

Of smile and glow and mush

Who left this beautiful wildly growing

accidental pumpkin bush


So here it is September and upon that gangly vine

is the ripening of a huge orange pumpkin

that soon will all be mine.

I’ll carve him, I’ll clean him, and place a light inside

This unexpected pumpkin, who crossed the path of mine

I too will leave my grinning guy behind

My pumpkin’s smile will flicker and yes he’ll soon be mush

But he will be the next years, accidental pumpkin bush

What are some of your favorite pumpkin experiences; pumpkin picking, growing pumpkins, recipes, favorite books or pumpkin crafts?

Nice picture of our 1st picked, “Accidental Pumpkin” click here