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Prepare & Promote Good Health

November 20, 2013 in Children's Health Education, Uncategorized

Squirrels prepare for winter!

Prepare & Promote Good Health?

Squirrels are known to gather acorns to get ready for the big wintry cold season ahead. They scamper around in the leaves and race up and down the trees to get prepared, it is just in them.

Well, like the squirrels, we want to get ready too; it is just in us to protect the health of our families. We would be honored to help prepare you and your children for the cold and flu season coming soon. Burr!  And, we’d love to partner together with you to promote healthy living to the public.

Go here to learn how The Singing Nurse can help prepare your family/students.

We’d love to hear your ideas. Please respond below in the comments box.

We all know the feeling when we are caught in a tight space and the gentleman next to us starts coughing, blowing his nose and yes, spreading those yucky germs around. People can be very inconsiderate by not protecting the public from their germs. So it is our job as conscientious parents and teachers to teach our children healthy consideration for the greater public health good and seize teachable moments as good public health ambassadors.

“Healthy”, what is it? The dictionary meaning says:

1: enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit

2: revealing a state of health <a healthy complexion>

3: conducive to health

“Consideration”, what is it? The dictionary meaning says:

1: continuous and careful thought <after long consideration he agreed to their  requests>

2 : a matter weighed or taken into account when formulating an opinion or plan <economic considerations forced her to leave college> b : a taking into account

3: thoughtful and sympathetic regard

4: an opinion obtained by reflection

“Healthy consideration”, what is it?

So, as we reflect on enjoying health, we make a continuous thoughtful regard and “do something”,  and take action on our reflection.

Some of our thoughts on Healthy Consideration and the actions to take:

Healthy consideration is:

Covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue.

Sneezing or coughing into your elbow or shoulder.

Washing or sanitizing your hands if you coughed or sneezed into them.

Staying home from work away from others while you are sick.

Keeping your child home from school if they are ill.

Staying away from shopping or going to large gatherings such as kid activities or your house of worship when you are ill. 

Promoting healthy consideration and wellness to others:

We most likely will be in a position to encourage someone to stop spreading their germs around. We may have the opportunity for a teachable moment while handing someone hand sanitizer or a sanitizer wipe when you see they need to clean their hands.

Remember to do it as sweetly as possible with bushels of “consideration”, taking into account that they most likely are not feeling well.

Creative ways to promote healthy consideration:

Print up business cards(you can let your children create messages) or print on a sticker and stick it to a small bottle of hand sanitizer or pre-packaged handwipe with a healthy message like:

1. Please Cough & Sneeze in Your Shoulder “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”.

2. Sorry you’re not feeling well, please cough or sneeze in your shoulder.

3. Sorry you’re not feeling well, please don’t spread your germs around.

4. Sorry you’re not feeling well, please accept this hand wipe to wipe the germs away.

5. Not near a sink, please accept this hand wipe to protect all of us from germs.

Some TSN ideas: Check out our Health Promotion pins 

New TSN Health Promo Pin

New TSN Health Promo Pin


We Living Healthy, please “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”

Sing & Learn w Us, Hear the ♫ Song @


We Living Healthy, Hand Washing is Important, ”Rubba Dub Dub”

Hear the ♫ Song @


Here are some comments that others have said about promoting good public health.  Below are some #hashtag ideas for twitter searching. We’d love to hear yours too. To follow TSN on twitter click here.

A young family man/professional working in NYC suggests:

“How about something edgy like”

Check out TSN health lessons for kids, click here.

Have a happy healthy winter,

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

You may have some ideas to promote healthy consideration, what do you plan on doing to promote healthy living with your family this cold and flu season?

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Originally posted by Dawn Ginese Here @ The Singing Nurse






Plant Painting, creating cards

April 9, 2013 in Creative Adventures, Uncategorized

First gather your plants. Gathering and handling plants is a great sensory activity for kids. It will give them tactile intake, sunshine, fresh air and a time to move about. Not only will your kids get a chance to explore the outdoors, they will be choosing what tools they will use in their plant painting project. Giving choices fosters independence in young children. Give them little hints as you go, to get those little imaginations working and curiosity stirred.



Say things like:

I wonder what it would look like if we painted these plants and printed them on paper?

I wonder what shape this plant will make?

What would it look like to print different textures and size plants?

We painted different leaves in different colors and pressed them in different directions.

We also painted and pressed flower type plants.

I worked hand over hand while my young patient’s arm was in a sling.

We finished our picture, cut around the edges and tried an assortment of background colors. 

You can paste your painting to the paper or you can take different pictures like I have done here and use those pictures for creating different cards etc.

This one has the corners ripped from one of the background colors. You can add your greeting over top of picture.

Print, cut and paste process below that comes out really cool. I used this process with my grandchildren to create an anniversary card for mom and dad. Each one printed different flowers and objects on his own paper. I painted the “Happy Anniversary” words and cut them out. After the pictures dried I cut around the shapes of the prints. We arranged and glued it all together(don’t press it too flat) which gave it a sort of 3D look. I trimmed it a bit, made a page with some crisscross edges and glued the trimmed picture to the crisscrossed edged picture which made it appear framed .     

I love encouraging creativity and the kids are always so proud of their final creations.

I am so thankful for the warmer weather that allows everyone to enjoy the awesome outdoors. I love seeing all the little emerging critters and plants. All of nature is blooming, makes you feel so alive. Make the most of every teachable moment.

For Happy Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn

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Poster Board Duct Tape Christmas Tree Card

December 3, 2012 in Creative Adventures, TSN outreach Projects, Uncategorized

Poster Board Duct Tape Christmas Tree Card

Each year as a church we prepare practical modest gifts to give when we go Christmas caroling at Green Briar. Green Briar is an assisted living group home of lovely folks who love anything we do for them. They are so thankful for our visits and appreciate it when we bring gifts, dessert and the kids. I wanted our presentation to be fun and to last throughout the Christmas season.

Items you will need:

name tags, clear tape, packaging tape, fancy duct tape, ribbon, assortment of stickers, hole punch, scissors, box cutting knife, markers, lip gloss, 2 large pieces of green poster board, large piece of cardboard

Determine the size tree you want, I wanted ours to be big because originally I was going to attach 53 name tag ornaments to it. Tape 2 poster board ends together with packaging tape creating 1 large piece; overlap the edges about 2 inches so it is secure. Draw a Christmas tree shape on the poster board; I used a green marker, this works well just in case you mess up. Place the poster board on top of the same sized cardboard piece and place small pieces of tape about 12 inches apart to secure the cardboard and poster board together while you cut out the Christmas tree with the box cutting knife.

Tape the cardboard and poster board tree together along all the edges with your fancy Duct tape. Allow about ½ the tape size to show on the front of your project. This is a little tricky at inside edges; you will have to do some angle cuts to allow the tape to lay flat. When you do the outside tips of the tree it is easier to let the tape adhere to each other and trim it after.

I added re-enforcement to the back of the tree by taping another smaller piece of cardboard to it. I also did this for the trunk of the tree.

We presented the Christmas Tree Card to the kids at church and told them what it was for. This was a transition time just before they were heading to their Sunday school classes so I cut up clusters of stickers in advance so each child had about 5 stickers.

I placed the Christmas tree card on the rug as the kids gathered around and placed their sticker on it. It was amazing how they placed them so evenly.

The older children later weaved little messages and scriptures in between the sticker that pertained to Christmas and drew candy canes and designs. The church family signed the card.


 I picked up the name tags at Michael’s, they were pretty reasonable at 2.99 for 16, punched a hole at the side with a hole-punch and tied a tube of lip gloss to it with ribbon. We attached Avery address stickers to create multiple cards since we were putting together 53 of them.  Thanks to Anna for helping with all the prep.

I was going to cover the whole tree with the name tag ornaments, and when the residents removed them, they would see the messages. I decided against that and scotch taped some of the ornaments along the edges and put the remainder in a small basket. I didn’t have the heart to cover up the stickers and sweet messages everyone had placed on the tree.

Optional objects to be tied to the name tags: pencil, candy Have fun with the Christmas Tree Card craft.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

For Healthy Kids, Ms. Dawn

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Did we tell you? “Hand Washing Animation for Kids” also included!

November 24, 2012 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, Uncategorized

Did we tell you? Did you know? The “Rubba Dub Dub Animated Handwashing Song for Kids” is included in The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids”.

We have four different ways you can have your own copy before the cold and flu season bombards you. Germs are all around and teaching young children to wash their hands is the one tried and true way to prevent winter colds and flu. Of course coughing and sneezing in your shoulder is another tool for preventing illness in preschoolers as well.

I know what you are thinking, you’ve got to be kidding, have you seen my little snot nosed kids? Believe me when you get these little songs in their heads it becomes second nature for your children to cough or sneeze in their shoulder and washing hands becomes a fun activity.

Meditation in right thinking is invaluable. Hearing a catchy song is like hearing 1000 sweet little reminders.

“A picture is worth a 1000 words.”

1. You can own a copy when you purchase our download version, sent to you within 24-48 hrs.

2. You can own a copy when you purchase Individual Lesson #1

3. You can own a copy when you purchase Individual Lesson Combo 1 & 4 


Hey, just a reminder this is Support Small Business Saturday…We appreciate your business !

Download a little happiness! 🙂

Ms. Dawn

Holes in Rocks & Shells, Beautiful Mobiles

July 13, 2012 in Creative Adventures, Uncategorized

Bringing the Outside In, Shell & Rock Mobiles

What do you bring home from your summer beach vacation? A local t-shirts can be fun and colorful but they will soon be outgrown and passed on. Shells and Rocks with holes can be interesting and fun and last a whole lot longer. Help your recipient to create something with them or assemble the items and give as a the gift with instruction so they can make it later. Shells and Rocks also bring the element of the outdoors in for your friend or child who does not get to participate in the sun and sand. Shells and Rocks are very affordable. A little string or shoelace, some beads and a stroll along the beach with a bucket is all it takes.

Below are 5 simple steps to make a handsome shell and rock mobile.

Collect your items:

Shells and Rocks with holes

Fishing line or Shoestring

Beads and a Hook

1. Collect your Shells and Rocks with holes. People will be amazed when they see your creation as they often ask me, “wow, how did you get those holes, did you drill them?” First determine what size string you will use as the holes can be smaller if you plan on using fishing line. This project is most appropriate for older children and adults as fishing line and small beads are difficult for little hands to manipulate. See Shoelace project below.

 Gather fishing line and beads. We had fishing line from my husband’s fishing days and the beads were picked up at a second hand store very cheaply.

2. Tie a string around your last or bottom rock or shell. I was able to tie two shells next to each other. I like using the largest item for the bottom. Determine how long you want your creation to be and add a few more inches for miscalculations.

3. Alternate back and forth from Rock and Shells while adding a tied off bead after each one. Tying off the bead prevents the Rock or Shell from sliding as it rests on it. Space out your objects. Natural color beads help create an elegant look.

 4. Make a nice loop at the end called an overhand bend knot so it does not slip and untie. I had to do a little homework to determine the name of this knot, so this is a nice freebee knot lesson for you. See pictures below


5. Add a hook near your window by screwing it into the wood. If you apply your hardware where the two pieces of wood meet you will avoid window ceil damage.

Hang your creation and enjoy it’s natural beauty.


The next Shell and Rock mobile is more appropriate for young children and easier for little hands, while we use a shoelace and larger beads.

Collect your shells and rocks, shoestring, beads and optional hook. If you are giving this project as a gift place it in a nice plastic container with a tight lid. I worked on this project with my patient hand over hand. I allowed him to feel the different textures of our outdoor items. He felt the smooth, the bumpy, and the rough and sometimes the holes were large enough to put his finger right through it. He watched carefully, about half way through I had him watch me complete it.

 *Tie off the largest rock or shell.   *Add two beads (one if they are bigger)


*Alternate back and forth until you get close to the end of your shoestring, about 4-6 inches. Allow enough space to tie off another one of those strong overhand bend knots.

*We added another shoestring to our project so we had more versatility to where we could hang it. My patient has a wooden sling apparatus over his bed so we can easily move the mobile to a place that is in his line of vision.

 *Below is a shell guide. It is amazing the number of different shells there are. Check it out and see which ones you have seen on your beach trip.

Below is a little rock art. I found rocks close enough in shape to the first letters in my niece and nephew’s names and left a little note.

What creative fun have you been having lately? What have you been doing to avoid the lazy hazy days of summer? We’d love to hear from you, please leave us a comment.

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

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Just Like the Ocean Sands-Psalm 139

June 30, 2012 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, The Singing Nurse Music, Uncategorized

Oh to Fly Like a Bird

This is a picture of my grandson trying to fly with the seagulls on the Florida coast. Kids are so free and uninhibited. Below is a country style kid’s song about how God thinks of them, which is based on Psalm 139.  Adults will enjoy this lesson on God’s love too.

7.  Just Like The Ocean Sands
Dawn Ginese 2005

Based on Psalm 139 (TSN version)

1) If I try to fly like a bird in the sky,
Or swim in the ocean deep and blue,
He will lead and hold us in His hands,
He knows everyday just what we do.
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you,
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you.
2) If I run like a cheetah, thinkin’ I could beat Ya
I know I, cannot run from You
If I dig a hole, and hide just like a mole
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus
3) For you formed my inward parts,
Right from the start,
It’s true, not one thing is hid from You
You saw all the stuff, that You made me of
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus 2x


“Just Like the Ocean Sands” (Psalm 139) is a country style song that teaches children that God has so many thoughts of us “just like the ocean sands, we cannot count them”. We can fly like a bird, swim like a fish, run like a cheetah, hide like a mole, “He knows everyday just what we do.” Scoop up the sand and just try and count the grains. This song is based on TSN paraphrase version of Ps. 139, how God loves and thinks of us even if we try to fly or run away from Him. Adults can learn from these words as well. We are so loved and many of us have a hard time comprehending the depths of God’s love toward us. Take a listen and download the song, your kids will learn the truth about God and His love for them, you too.

Download here.

Lesson, loads of crafts & Song download purchase here.

Have you been to the ocean and counted the grains of sand lately?

For Healthy Kids, Body, Mind and Spirit
Ms. Dawn

How to keep germs away and bond with your kids.

April 21, 2012 in Children's Health Education, Uncategorized

I like you, you're fun!

Kids love games and challenges, attention and bonding and unknown to them we can craftily teach them what they need to learn. Here is a simple game to play with kids to help foster good hand washing or hand sanitizing practices, preventing the spread of germs that make us sick and creating an atmosphere of learning and laughter.

Safety pin game:

Remember the games you’ve played at baby showers, this was one of my favorite, it really keeps you on your toes.

1. Collect 5 small safety pins for each person who will be participating. 

2. Attach the pins on outer clothing, you can connect the pins to each other if you like.

3. Set the rules for playing.  Make rules simple for younger children. The older children 5-8 yr olds will enjoy this game the most. Play this game as you go out shopping.

A. Remind the children that when they touch things and then touch their mouth, nose or eyes, this is when germs get into their bodies.

B. The object of the games is to not touch your mouth, nose or eyes with your bare hands, it is OK to use a clean tissue to scratch an itch or wipe a runny nose, just no bare hands.

C. When you see a participant touch their mouth, nose or eyes, that person must give one of their pins to you. You call out-You touched your _____, give me your pin & sanitize. Mom-your job will be to help with the sanitizer after the child touches his forbidden mouth, nose or eyes, a little dab will do ya. Later when you make a potty stop everyone can give their hands a good washing, another teachable moment.

D. The one with the most pins at the end of the shopping trip gets to pick the special activity or treat that you will all enjoy together.

Sooo, items you will need: safety pins, tissues (let each child put a couple in his pocket) and hand sanitizer. 

I like carrying one of the Purell hand sanitizers which has a niffy easy to get to plastic holder that straps to your shoulder strap or a ring on your handbag. The little bottle is easy to refill with your favorite sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer helps prevent germs.

 Other activities you may enjoy to re-enforce learning. Sing a hand washing song.

Name surfaces that may have germs, have an older child write the list as you shop.

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Let us know if you enjoyed this post, we would love to hear from you. Let us know if you and your children enjoyed the germ prevention bonding game. Comment below.

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse


Lyme Disease Prevention for Kids

October 10, 2011 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, Products, Uncategorized

Stay out of tall grass!

Lyme Disease Preventions for Kids

Disease carrying ticks are still with us. We are enjoying a longer season of warm weather, longer grass cutting season and the ticks are enjoying more time eating warm blooded meals from us and our children. We need to protect ourselves and our children and be more diligent than ever to prevent Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases.

We may think the ticks are gone for the season, think again. I was visiting with a friend today and one of those pesky little ticks was crawling on my face, yuck! I hear because of all the rain and moisture we are going to have more fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

We wanted you to know about one of our favorites Lyme disease prevention resources. The 5th lesson plan in our new Nurse created health lessons book, “The Singing Nurse: Health Lessons for Kids”, is where you will find it.

The Lyme disease prevention unit includes a tick borne disease fact sheet and letters home to parents. The health lesson also integrates; creating props, letter recognition for young children, singing the catchy tune, “The Tick Song”, doing hand motions, and creating a multimedia presentation.

Lyrics to “The Tick Song” to listen click here

1) Your head may feel achy, your joints may feel shaky

And you may want to cry-wa, wa

2) So your body you check, make sure there’s no tick

Cuz you don’t want to cry-wa, wa

Don’t you get Ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichiosis)

Babesiosis (Babesiosis)

Ehrlichiosis or Babesiosis or Lyme

Break:  Stay out of tall grass (wear light colors)

In your socks tuck your pants (wear light colors)

When coming inside check your body every time.


1. Our lessons are easy to follow!

2. Our lessons save you time!

3. The kids have a blast while learning!

4. The process totally engages kids!

See & Hear The Singing Nurse “The Tick Song” Lyrics Video

Also available on YouTube

Come Sing & Learn with us!

Purchase your copy today!

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Health Lessons for Kids

October 2, 2011 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, Products, The Singing Nurse Music, Uncategorized

1st Picked Accidental Pumpkin

We had to pick our 1st Accident Pumpkin , you can read the poem here.

Pumpkins and apples always remind us of back to school and learning, classrooms, library books, playground adventures, the nurse’s office, field trips, meeting new and old friends, and promoting health and safety to our young children.

We wanted to introduce to you, “The Singing Nurse: Health Lessons for Kids”, our brand new nurse created health curriculum for curious preschoolers to early elementary aged children. Our music driven curriculum is a fun and a creative way to promote good health habits in your children.

We love living healthy and your quest for healthy living is probably why you stopped by to visit us today. We’d like to help you educate your kids in a way they will actively participate.

Each of our lessons are filled with kid appealing:

Games and crafts to reinforce each health concept

The Singing Nurse sing-a-long tunes with catchy melodies and lively beats

Creative suggestions for multimedia productions

Resources containing: graphics, letters to parents and helpful websites

Each of our health lessons are easy to follow and include learning about:

1. Hand washing

2. Dental Hygiene

3. Dentist Visit

4. Flu Prevention

5. Lyme Disease Prevention

6. Audiologist Visit

7. You are Special

8. Body Parts/Kindness

Interwoven within the lessons, kids will discover the working of germs, good health habits, the awesome animal kingdom, visiting health care workers and learning about themselves and their uniqueness. The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids was lovingly created and tailored to the eager and curious minds of our greatest treasures, our kids.

To hear song samples click here and listen.

To see an overview of all the lessons click The Singing Nurse Overview PDF.

For more details click here.

Obtain your copy today by clicking on

 Digital Download -24.95    ORDER INFO

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted

Please share with your friends and professional contacts the exciting news of our brand new fun filled Nurse created Health Lessons for Kids by The Singing Nurse.

Get Your Flu Shot! *Influenza, another reason to wash hands

September 24, 2011 in Creative Adventures, News - Updates, Uncategorized



We did it again and hope you do too…

Influenza (Flu)-another reason to wash your hands and to cough or sneeze in your shoulder.flu shot @ the pharmacy_edited-1The-Singing-Nurse-Shadow.JPG

Yours truly, The Singing Nurse took the plunge and is here to remind you to get your flu shot if you are able. Remember it’s not about us, even though getting the flu shot will benefit us as well.

Getting our flu shot is an act of kindness towards those we love and especially to the medically fragile people we rub shoulders with everyday.

The flu shot this year includes H1N1 and 2 other influenza viruses. Check out the CDC website, they have gobs of great info on how they choose the viruses and all the scientific stuff, if you are into to that sort of thing. The resources at the CDC would provide great info for a school science project for older children in school or homeschoolers.

Children of course have the highest rate of infection because they are together in close proximity.

Symptoms may include:

*fever   *sore throat   *chills   *fatigue   *cough   *headache   *muscle aches

Infants, the elderly, pregnant women and people with health conditions may become very ill.

The flu can also cause: high fever, pneumonia and diarrhea and seizures in children.

Tens of thousands die, and more are hospitalized from the flu each year.

The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that all people 6 months and older receive the flu shot.

Flu season is usually between Oct and May.

Check with your doctor before getting a flu shot to make sure you and the children in your life are able.

Adverse reaction to the shot can be from very mild discomfort to a very rare life threatening reaction.

Call your doctor with any question and 911 for anything that appears life threatening. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek help. When in doubt check it out.

This post has been a summary from the info found @ the CDC and AAP websites.

Check out their great handouts for parents.

Songs to Listen/Purchase Rubba Dub Dub **Don’t Spread Your Germs Around

Children’s hand washing lesson.

*color sheet*games*crafts*lesson*animation

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For Healthy Children and Families,

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse