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Valentines Day Love for Home & School

January 28, 2020 in Nurturing the Child

Ah, how can we resist lovable #babies. Just a reminder of the awesome privilege we have of working with impressionable young children. We should guard our attitudes and the educational climates we create for these little ones. Let’s choose our words wisely, encourage and nurture their development and their beautiful free & innocent spirits.

Nothing like children to spread a little love. We have a Free Singing Nurse Valentines Day Poster for you and a sheet of Valentines for Kids. 

Have an awesome Valentines Day. Now go and spread a little love.

For Healthy Families & Kids


Ms. Dawn

Free PDF: Lyrics & Pictures of “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” Song.

More Info on: TSN Lessons & Songs which includes activities & crafts

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Happy Valentines Parents and Kids!

February 11, 2013 in Creative Adventures, News - Updates

Hello friends,

I received this salt dough heart from my grand sons for Valentines. It looks like an easy enough project for young children. My daughter in-law is a Special Ed teacher and does all sorts of fun and easy projects with the boys. I’m sure they enjoyed mushing the flour and water, pressing the cookie cutter just right, painting it bright red and adding the sticky glue and glitter (don’t forget to add a hole probably made with a straw). And add a red ribbon and wow a sweet thoughtful Valentines for Grandma or mom or whoever needs a little sweetness in their life. 

My next Valentines nugget is for those who are in love or need some romantic reminding of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place. I was up late last night and Micheal O’Brien came on TV in a special. It was a live concert with a string quartet, guitars, you know all those instruments that make great love songs. The Song writing of Michael O’Brien is great and catchy. I love all the creative chord changes, you are not sure where you are going but you like being led there. The lyrics are heart felt and encourage you to be grateful for your love. I downloaded the album, “Something About Us” in the am. Check it out and listen here.



 Have a wonderful Valentines Day, from our home to yours.

Ms. Dawn

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