Back to School Germ Solutions!

September 3, 2013 in Children's Health Education

Just wanted to let you all know that The Singing Nurse has your back to school germ solution. A free fun activity reminder about not sharing those crummy germs that make us all so sick. We all have been enjoying the out doors this summer and haven’t spent much time huddled together right? Well we all know the fall and winter is closing in soon and I wanted to offer a free fun germ activity solution for all you folk who will be huddling with little ones and maybe some not so little co-workers. 

Hand Washing Activity book sample aug 2013 Dawn Ginese RN resized w TSNWe here at The Singing Nurse have created a fun & free 8 page Hand Washing Activity eBook.  This will be a wonderful resource to kick off your school year. You can copy it off and send the activity booklet home with your children or use it in your educational situation. The activity sheets will encourage creativity as well as educate your kiddos about not spreading germs, hand washing, coughing and sneezing in their shoulders and more.  All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and bingo you have your Free Hand Washing Activity eBook in PDF form all ready for your kids this fall and all year long. For those of you who are subscribed and missed it go ahead and hit the subscribe button to receive your copy today.

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Other Options:

 ♥ Individual Lessons which includes a song

 ♥ The whole Health Lessons for Kids which includes lessons, songs & one hand washing animation

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Back to School Germ Solutions!

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      This looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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Back to School Germ Solutions!

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