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Post #1 2021 Christmas Now! Educator Collaboration

August 22, 2021 in News - Updates, TSN outreach Projects

Hi, I want to share with you the beginnings of a Collaboration with some of my educator friends from YouTube. It should be fun for you and your kids & a blessing to some others too! You remember the wise words of the Lord when He said “It is more blessed to give than to receive”? That is what this project is all about. Take a quick look at the video below to get a little taste. And stay tuned to learn more soon! Subscribe here or subscribe to my YT channel to keep updated when we share the whole enchilada with you.

Here is the direct link to the video in case you need it! 🙂

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Here are some fun craft posts for the Christmas Season:

Huge Poster Board Christmas Tree Card

Advent Giving Tree Tutorial 

Sunny Days, COVID19, America and Will School Open?

July 7, 2020 in Children's Health Education

Hi Friends,

So much is going on and this lock down has really been dragging on. I hope all of you are safe and surviving all the intricate parts of COVID19.  My daughter in-law wrote a post for me about her sadness when she returned to clean out her empty classroom . You may relate to her.

On a happy note I have been taking part in a YouTube Live everyday, all about social media and the online world. It’s been great having something to look forward to every morning and fun to get to know the participants. Monday was day 109 and Pat Flynn is the young laid off business entrepreneur family guy leading us.

In this group I met Grandma Goodie’s Bible Stories who is a woman creating short videos for young children to learn simple bible stories and to give warn out parents a wholesome 5-10 min break. She has a YT channel, is a real hoot and worth checking out.

I have also met Mike’s Home ESL which is a teaching tips YT channel. He teaches English in China and creates videos to help other ESL teaches.
He is a real fun and generous guy. We hit it off and he sang and recorded my song “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” with his ESL classroom, the kids are adorable.

And I met Mrs Abuela during Mike’s Home ESL Live YT events. She started putting her videos up on YouTube for her students in France during COVID19. She is a doll and in her simple way engages the kids with lessons and songs on YT.

I hope you will check out my awesome new friends, I know you will love them and be encouraged by them.

My husband was inspired on the Fourth of July and wrote a beautiful Poem.

“America, the Home that I Love” by Michael Ginese

It’s Fourth of July in The USA,
There’s much to give thanks for
Much good’s come our way,
To gripe and complain is as easy as pie
As it is to nurse the hurts, of years gone by.
No nation’s been flawless, none pure as glass.
We’ve all made mistakes, every color & class.
America’s no exception, we have a checkered past
But we didn’t start slavery, we ended it at last.
So as you consider, where you sit now
Be Thankful how far we’ve come, and of America, be proud.
We’re not all we should be, but we’re not what we were.
We strive to be better, and to move on in love.
Violence is tragic, no solution indeed
What we must look for, in every face that we see.
Is the image of God & His love full and free.
May we carry the torch, of freedom and peace
So every child has a place at the feast.
The feast of safety, of abundance and love
Here in America, the home that I love

Take a look around to see the ways I can help you save time and help you with next years online or classroom plans.

If you have any ideas for future songs and lessons, send me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you.

Here is a link to some free goodies just for you and your kids.

Do you know if your school is opening in the Fall? What are your plans or ideas if it does not? We can help each other ride the storm, please comment below.

For Happy Healthy Kids,

Individual Lessons & more 😉

Summer Fun Almost Done!

September 2, 2016 in News - Updates


I know many of your kids have started back to school, but many are trying to soak up and grasp the last moments of summer. I hope you had a great Summer filled with rest and relaxation and mostly fun and laughs with your families. Have an awesome school year, we hope you choose The Singing Nurse to help get the message out about living healthy.

For Healthy Kids and Families,

Ms. Dawn

Back to School Germ Solutions!

September 3, 2013 in Children's Health Education

Just wanted to let you all know that The Singing Nurse has your back to school germ solution. A free fun activity reminder about not sharing those crummy germs that make us all so sick. We all have been enjoying the out doors this summer and haven’t spent much time huddled together right? Well we all know the fall and winter is closing in soon and I wanted to offer a free fun germ activity solution for all you folk who will be huddling with little ones and maybe some not so little co-workers. 

Hand Washing Activity book sample aug 2013 Dawn Ginese RN resized w TSNWe here at The Singing Nurse have created a fun & free 8 page Hand Washing Activity eBook.  This will be a wonderful resource to kick off your school year. You can copy it off and send the activity booklet home with your children or use it in your educational situation. The activity sheets will encourage creativity as well as educate your kiddos about not spreading germs, hand washing, coughing and sneezing in their shoulders and more.  All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and bingo you have your Free Hand Washing Activity eBook in PDF form all ready for your kids this fall and all year long. For those of you who are subscribed and missed it go ahead and hit the subscribe button to receive your copy today.

Our email newsletter will keep you updated with our recent posts, free resources, contests and more. Don’t miss out, subscribe at the link below.

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Other Options:

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For Healthy Kids,

Ms. Dawn

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Do you have any areas of concern  that you are trying to creatively solve in your circle of influence? Give us a shout and maybe we can help…We would love to hear from you. Make a comment below or use our contact page.

Art, Music, Education & Inspiration for a Healthy School Year!

September 3, 2012 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures, The Singing Nurse Music

Below is a post I recently shared at PreK&KSharing, Thanks Debbie Clement for the invite.

Art, Music, Education & Inspiration for a Healthy School Year!

by Dawn Ginese, RN aka The Singing Nurse

Wow, great to be with you and to gather with some of the most creative motivated folks in education.  Miss Debbie has given me the opportunity and awesome privilege to post today. You can click here to read a bit more about my background as a Head Start nurse and beyond.

I will write a fairly short post but include several links so you can become familiar with my website resources and posting style. Below are some of my favorite subjects to share about that really get me churning.

Doing what is takes to teach the point!

 Back to School might have already begun for some of you so here are some helpful tools and ideas I can offer to make your school year fun, educational, musical, creativity and healthy of course. Please contact me if you get stuck on a subject that you need a little creative flare or a song to drive home the educational point. I would love the challenge and always welcome new ideas.

Presently I care for a home-bound disabled boy and work long 12 hr shifts and need to occupy this typical 6 yr old with interesting things to do and learn. So, I often post the projects we work on, like fun ideas using elements from the outdoors.

We often paint with earthy items from the outdoors to create cards and book covers.

I love looking around and seeing what is at hand to recycle and make it into something fabulous. I know what you are thinking….you do the same right? I call myself a preschool teacher with a nurses hat.

I write post to help you teach the family and little ones how to be healthy. We Post about germ games, hand washing, Lyme disease, brushing teeth, an occasional pictorial poem and more.

And of course we always have something in the musical cooker. The most recent project I am excited about is “Alligator in My Soup”, a song about eating our veggies and of course the alligator thinks they are yummy because they are good for you. (My dental lesson also includes fun activities with veggies and other healthy things that make our teeth happy.) We created an alligator with shoe boxes that was inspired by recycling and reading books with alligator themes, then from there the song sprang. The veggie eating characteristic of our alligator was inspired by my daughter in-law’s dilemma. She was having difficulty getting the grand-kids to eat their veggies. I hope to make the finished project available by 2013 including a song video.

If anyone is interested in being part of this project please contact me. It would include pictures of your children with certain veggies and possible short movie clips. I will post more details later.

The greatest resource I can offer you are my songs and that is what comes from the deepest part of me. I have also written health lessons for kids that go along with my health songs. The lessons include crafts and more to make your school year easier, happier and healthier. New “Individual TSN Health Lessons” now available! Health Lesson Overview

I would love to connect with you to help in anyway I can. My goal is keeping our greatest treasures, our kids, excited about learning and creating, caring about creatures, caring about their neighbors, discovering and caring about our awesome world, and of course, keeping them, their classmates and their awesome teachers happy and healthy.

Thanks again Miss Debbie for sharing so much with us and letting me share with your friends today.

For Life and Healthy living, 

 Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse


Back to School Song, We’ll be driving to school when we come!

August 20, 2012 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

So yes it is that time of year again, getting ready for “Back to School”. All of you fantastic teachers and awesome home school parents are revving up to teach the kiddos about “Reading and Writing and Rithmetic”, sprinkled with teaching preschoolers and the big kid too about proper hand washing. The kids will be active in science projects learning about teeth, eyes, babies and more. I am so glad teachers, parents and school systems are continuing to include music, gym, art and health in their curriculum.

We all need these areas of self expression and of course all of us here at The Singing Nurse Headquarters love when these subject incorporate learning. We would love to help you teach your youngster about healthy living and of course we incorporate music, movement, art and health. Check us out.

But while all of  you have been buzzing around getting ready, your’s truly has come up with a fun song to start off your school year. I know “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain” has been used before, but I think you will agree our version adds some fun twists and turns to encourage healthy living and learning that will influence Professor and Pupils alike.

Below are the TSN lyrics and below that is a PDF for your printing convenience.

Have a wonderful, healthy, active, creative school year. Ms. Dawn

We’ll be Driving to School when we come D.G 8/12/2012

We’ll be driving to school when we come, (echo: when we come) pretend to drive

We’ll be driving to school when we come, (echo: when we come) pretend to drive

We’ll be driving to school x2-We’ll be driving to school when we come (when we come)

We’ll be riding in a car/school bus when we come, (beep beep/honk honk) drive…

We’ll be greetings our friend when we come, (echo: hello) wave hand…

We’ll be washing our hands when we come, (splish splash) pretend to wash hands

We’ll be shaking hands with neighbors when we come, (nice to meet you) shake hands

We’ll be covering our sneezes when we come (sneeze into shoulder)…

We’ll be covering our coughs when we come (cough into shoulder)…

We’ll be using a tissue when we come, pretend to blow your nose…

And we won’t spread our germs when we come (no, no) wag finger no, then point x2…

We’ll be eating healthy lunches when we come, (umm good) scoop food to mouth…

We’ll be eating fruits and veggies when we come, (crunch) bite into pretend apple…

We’ll be walking and leaping when we come, march and jump up…

We’ll be writing and painting when we come, write and paint in the air…

We’ll be reading and counting when we come, pretend to open book, point x3 to count…

We’ll be listening and learning when we come, cup ears and point to head…

Add your own activities, have a great school year!

Be safe and healthy, Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

PDF We’ll be driving to school when we com

Creator of “The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids” 

A little Sunny Diversion!

July 20, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Well I suppose it is not all talk about healthy living like washing hands, brushing teeth, not spreading germs and such because I am taking a little sunny diversion. Many of my connections via the web are talking about back to school, eating healthy and exploring creativity, which are all important, but sometime it is good to stop the train.

Vacations are great times to detach from our norms and all the thinking. Getting away allows us to free our minds of all the planning which I know is difficult for the creative teacher sort of soul because everything we see and take in is a lesson in the making. Who of you can attest to that?  So… vacations are wonderful times of doing mindless activities like walking on the beach, collecting shells and rocks and having someone else do the cooking.

My husband and I enjoyed some time away on the shell and pebbled shores of Florida and caught some breathtaking sunrises, sunsets and moon rises. The pictures below are some of those moments shared with family and my beloved. I hope you enjoy God’s magnificent handiwork here.

The pictures were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX210 is. It has 14x Optical Zoom but goes as high as 56x. I love this small easy to use camera. My pictures have only been re-sized. 

 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1


                                                                                         Moon rise



Looks like a painting…                                                      

                                                                                     In His hand…

                                                                                        Come sit…

                                                                                          The Sun Peeks...

                     We did eat healthy …                                             and we did do a little mindless eating…
                   I thought this tree was really cool, my husband is not to bad either…so I included them today. 
Have a great rest of the summer, remember it is only half over so get some R & R. I would love it if you stopped back by to get prepared for your school year. We can all use a little help getting prepared to ward off those pesky germs and such.              
For Life and Healthy Living, Dawn                                                                                                                                
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