Even Disney needs help stopping germs!

July 27, 2012 in Children's Health Education

Wow, came across this blog post about Disney experiencing a mysterious bug of sorts. It’s not surprising that germs are present in popular public places such as The Wild Kingdom. The more people and the closer in proximity to others we are, will increase our chances of germ exposure. It is good to know that Disney is upping the presence of hand sanitizer to it’s guests. We here at The Singing Nurse have learned that hand washing is really the best remedy since it incorporates friction as well as soap and water. Hand sanitizer is a good second choice if soap and water is not handy.

Things to Remember:

1. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth while in public places. This is really hard and surely difficult for the kids to remember. Make it fun and play a game, have a reward for the winners. Try this fun germ game with the kids while you are on vacation. 

2. Bring your own stash of hand sanitizer to insure you are prepared and wash hands often.

3. Cough or Sneeze in your shoulder or a tissue to trap your germs which is being kind to your neighbor. Check out this post on the common cold which will also apply to any germy situation.

4. Download these two songs from the CDbaby player and add them to your favorite travel CD to make learning  fun. “Rubba Dub Dub” & “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” Hear and download them here.

5. Spread a little “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” love. See how here.

Have a wonderful vacation, get rested up for your back to school plans, stay healthy and don’t spread your germs around. 

Tell us your healthy or not so healthy vacation adventure…Comment below…

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