Fun Books about Germs & Hand Washing

October 1, 2013 in Children's Health Education

 It is fun to put a whole germ lesson together that includes a fun craft, a catchy song with motions and a great book to drive it all home. I have come across some nice books that teach kids about not spreading germs and good hand washing. I just finished an illustrated eBook of my song “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around” tonight, be sure to check it out at the end of this post. It came out nice! I will add an Amazon link for all the books, they are really affordable.

Kids love a good book and you know it is good when they ask for it over and over again:

Fun Germ Books

Nick is Sick



“Nick is Sick” is by Sandy Riggs, illustrated by Carol Koeller, published by Barron’s. It is a fun book with simple reading. Nick’s friend wants to play with him and brings several gifts to him. Finally Nick’s friend brings him a get well booklet that he has created.

At the end of “Nick is Sick” a quick review is given how we spread germs and how to prevent from spreading germs. Instructions are also included on how to make get well booklets.




Germs make me sick



“Germs Make Me Sick” by Melvin Berger, Illustrated by Marylin Hafner This book is for older kids and explains viruses and bacteria and how they make you sick. Although it is for older children you can always explain it in simpler terms for younger children. There are lots of cool pictures.



Trouble with Bubbles



“Trouble with Bubbles” written by Frank B. Edwards & illustrated by John Bianchi another Scholastic book. This is a very simple book about different jungle animals who want to be clean. The animal trainer sends them with soap and a towel and states “go to the tub and scrub with soap and water.” Cute! Even though Amazon has this priced at $45.00 in the link below, it is available in hardback cover for under $10.00




germs germs germs


“Germ, Germs, Germs” is by Bobbi Katz, illustrated by Steve Bjorkman, put out by Scholastic. I love this book because it rhymes, for me this is akin to singing a song.  It is written from the perspective of the germs who describe places germs can grow the best and for them the enemies are good habits to prevent germs. It’s cute and your kids are sure to love it.





“Germs” written Judy Oetting, illustrated by Tad Herr

I love this one because it rhymes and really engages kids. It describes where all the germs can be.




Don't Spread Your Germs Around cover


Don’t Spread Your Germs Around Book doc PDF is one of the songs off of The Singing Nurse CD. Today I am offering the eBook for free so download yours quick. You can download the song & lesson here The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids.

Well there you have it, five resources to make your germ and hand washing lesson fun, musical, colorful and educational. Kids are like little sponges and eager to learn. When you integrate all the senses kids will absorb your lesson all the more. Songs with motions, books with interesting pictures and information and colorful art and games are wonderful activities that will speak to the auditory, the visual and as well the hands on learners.

Have a great time with those precious little people in your classroom or home.

If there is anything we might help you with please do not hesitate to ask. Please share with our readers what books you have used to teach about germs or hand washing.

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Ms. Dawn

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Fun Books about Germs & Hand Washing


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Fun Books about Germs & Hand Washing

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