Spring Tissue Paper Vase

March 24, 2012 in Creative Adventures

Sterile Water Bottle Tissue Paper Vase


Over the years while working with my little SMA 1 patient (he’s 5 now) we have made some fun crafts from items that would otherwise be thrown in the recycle bin or thrown away. I love looking around and seeing what can be made of these insignificant items that were very important when they were being used for there intended purpose.  My little friend is on a bipap/vent continuously as part of his treatment to sustain his life. Wow, that was painful to say. He needs moisture in his vent tubing to prevent nose bleeds and a dry mouth as you can imagine air is blowing through his nostrils nonstop (we also apply ayr, a saline moisturizer to each nostril for the same purpose).

Our tissue paper vase today is made from one of his sterile water bottles, the sterile water goes in his humidifier that is connected to his bipap/vent, he uses about 2 liters in a 24 hr period.





Sterile H20 Bottle and Tissue


Pick any color tissue paper you like and rip into small manageable pieces. Remember to let the kids do the ripping, they love to experience the cause and effect of the process, feeling and hearing the paper rip is stimulating to the senses. If you are in the home care setting you may have to do hand over hand as I did with my patient.





Add Tissue Paper with Glue


Place a towel over your child’s lap or cover the work area with wax paper (helps it not stick later). Apply the tissue paper to the bottle with liquid glue, you may need to thin it a little with a few drips of water so it is easier to work with. Add layers to the bottle and vary the colors, remembering not to add too many layers because the sun will shine through your vase which gives it a stain glass effect. Again, let the children feel the slimy glue, this is one of the components that makes creating art therapeutic and fun. Adults need to apply a coat of some sort of clear acrylic or it will be sticky each time you get it wet.



Add a Bow to Tissue Paper Vase


After the glue is dry add a bow, pick some flower and you are good to go. Easter is coming and the flowers are blooming, what mom, grandmother, aunt or sister would not appreciate such a special gift created by your child’s hands.





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Have a Wonderful Spring and Happy Easter!


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