Mom Runs to Cure SMA in NYC Half Marathon 2015

March 11, 2015 in News - Updates, TSN outreach Projects

Cure SMA NYC Half 2015

Kian and Neda

I am very proud of Kian’s mom. She’s a busy lady and twirls many plates but also makes time to get fit and give back. I have come to appreciate her determination and wit to get things done for Kian. As you can imagine having a special needs child with all the hours of arranging and setting-up, following-up and finding competent nurses for his 24 hr care over the past 8 years could have depleted her totally. But, through it all she has managed to survive with an attitude of “keeping on”. Kian’s mom is running in the NYC Half Marathon this Sunday. It is sponsored by United Airlines Run for Life. She is running to Cure SMA. Below is a short video I created as a tribute to her and to get the word out about her fundraising efforts. After viewing the video it would be so amazing if you would contribute as a way of to tell Kian’s mom you appreciate her efforts and her cause. And Below the video are some words of encouragement and challenge to all of us from my husband Mike.

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“In this great dance we call life, each of us experience various blessings and challenges. The normal ups and downs and stresses and strains in the common course of life are sometimes enough to cause the best of us to become overwhelmed.  But then there are those who are dealt a tough blow in life. It is not by their choosing and not according to anything they imagined in their wildest dreams. They are presented with the challenge of a special needs child. They must care for that child who could not make it through another day without the protective care of a loving mother. They are those who often must hide their deepest pain and hopefully get to it one day, but for now, theirs is a life of sacrifice, hopes and continual self encouragement to carry on for just another day. So when we think of those who are the poor of this world, that little boy or girl who did not have the opportunity to run, jump and play as other kids, our hearts are moved with compassion. If we have been so blessed as to enjoy those simple everyday ordinary things of life perhaps we will allow our compassion to turn into giving, in order to help alleviate the burdens of that lovely child. But in addition when we give in the hopes of eradicating that disease we not only give to bring a better life to those who are sick and God knows that would be reward enough itself, but we give in the hopes of alleviating the suffering and pain of the child and the family. Truly those who donate their energy and often the best years of their lives are the unsung heroes. They are the ones who also need help and healing. When we give, we give to all connected to this child with cords of love. When we give; we honor, support and help those who have embraced their assignment with guts and boldness, freely dispensing their energy in order to give the best life possible to this lovely child, even though it cost them their own very lives. Support Cure SMA! More Info!

You can read more about Kian: What is SMA?

Kian’s Tribute to mom. Kian’s Tribute to dad

Link to Cure SMA Race Team

Please leave a comment below and give a donation! The race is March 15th! Thanks in advance!