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Singing Nurse, Singing Nurse, Where Did You Go?

April 2, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Happy Spring to you all!

Singing Nurse, Singing Nurse, Where did you go?

Dawn Ginese, May 29, 2011

Singing nurse, singing nurse, where did you go?

I went for a walk, on a country road

So I threw on my sneakers, I had to get it moving

Gail said you go, I’ll go too, so I grabbed my camera, and off I flew

 Singing nurse, singing nurse, what did you see?

I saw an old brown bull, looking at me

His hair was really shaggy, he was quite cute

He really didn’t mind, my photo shoot

Singing nurse, singing nurse, what did you hear?

The birds were a chirping, the lambs were a baaing

The frogs were a croaking, the bees were a buzzing

The cows were a mooing, need I say more

I’d highly recommend it, going outdoors


Singing nurse, singing nurse, what did you feel?

The warmth on my face, blood moving through my veins

I was a bit distracted, by all created things

Cuz winged bugs in flowers, were looking up at me

On my way back, a little turtle seemed stuck

I gave a little nudge, so he wouldn’t be mush

Yes, all in all, my walk was a treat

With all the signs of spring, blooming at my feet


Have a great Spring and Summer, remember to drink fluids, wear sunscreen(not too much sun) and check for ticks!

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

A few more signs of spring….

…………………………..My church in spring…                                                      Awesome flowers enjoying the bloom…

A view from my deck….zoomed of course…

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The Lonely Horse picture poem

April 30, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Lonely Horse


The Lonely Horse

Dawn Ginese 4/29/12

When you feel the need to roam

Try and take the wrong way home

You never know what you might see

You never know who you might meet

Well I gazed up, and what did I see

A lonely horse stood under a tree

He stood like a statue, he stood really still

The lonely horse, upon the hill

I called to him, I knew he could hear

His head perked up, he wiggled his ears

He turned towards me, his head and broad shoulders

I snapped a few pictures, he stood a bit bolder

You never know, what you might discover

The loneliness that you may uncover

When you feel the need to roam

Try and take the wrong way home

The Less Lonely Horse

I hope you enjoyed my little lonely horse poem, it could have been an old farmer or a bird who fell our of a nest. Sometimes you just never know what you will come upon when you decide to take another route. I could not decide whether to use the word “long way home” or “wrong way home”. I picked “wrong” because there really is no wrong way home, it’s just another way. I do believe in right and wrong don’t get me wrong, but as far as exploring and making new discoveries go, our paths may twist and turn and the unknown which includes an element of faith, makes it all the more exciting.

Have you met any lonely souls lately or have a favorite horse comment? Please comment below.

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For Healthy Nurtured Kids,

Ms. Dawn