Just Like the Ocean Sands-Psalm 139

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Oh to Fly Like a Bird

This is a picture of my grandson trying to fly with the seagulls on the Florida coast. Kids are so free and uninhibited. Below is a country style kid’s song about how God thinks of them, which is based on Psalm 139.  Adults will enjoy this lesson on God’s love too.

7.  Just Like The Ocean Sands
Dawn Ginese 2005

Based on Psalm 139 (TSN version)

1) If I try to fly like a bird in the sky,
Or swim in the ocean deep and blue,
He will lead and hold us in His hands,
He knows everyday just what we do.
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you,
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you.
2) If I run like a cheetah, thinkin’ I could beat Ya
I know I, cannot run from You
If I dig a hole, and hide just like a mole
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus
3) For you formed my inward parts,
Right from the start,
It’s true, not one thing is hid from You
You saw all the stuff, that You made me of
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus 2x


“Just Like the Ocean Sands” (Psalm 139) is a country style song that teaches children that God has so many thoughts of us “just like the ocean sands, we cannot count them”. We can fly like a bird, swim like a fish, run like a cheetah, hide like a mole, “He knows everyday just what we do.” Scoop up the sand and just try and count the grains. This song is based on TSN paraphrase version of Ps. 139, how God loves and thinks of us even if we try to fly or run away from Him. Adults can learn from these words as well. We are so loved and many of us have a hard time comprehending the depths of God’s love toward us. Take a listen and download the song, your kids will learn the truth about God and His love for them, you too.

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Have you been to the ocean and counted the grains of sand lately?

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Ms. Dawn
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