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April 2, 2013 in Children's Health Education, TSN outreach Projects

Ticks on a Stick!

A Re-post: Spring is here yippee! Please read our Lyme Disease prevention posts to help you get ready for the tick season. I really dislike ticks. 


I prepared ticks on a stick for my visit to my grandson’s early learning center, Natural Wonders in Poughquag, NY. He really enjoys his class and my daughter in-law who is a Spec Ed teacher is very satisfied with the program.

I decided to make the ticks on a stick because I felt the children might be too young to participate in the full Tick Disease Prevention activities.

The adults raised the Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Lyme signs as the children raised their little ticks on a stick when we came to the words in the song, “Stay away from that Tick, He’ll make you feel sick…”. It worked great and the children were able to take the ticks, color them and share the information when they got home.

 I also recommended that the teacher place a magnet on the back so the child could place it on their refrigerator and use it to fan themselves during the hot summer. 

Lyme Disease Prevention Poster

This is a picture of my grandson and I at the end of our visit. We are posing in front of the poster I have been adding to as I educate children about Lyme Disease.

Before our session the children each made a thumb print on a small sticky note pad with their names and I added the legs and called them up one by one to place their little tick on the Lyme Disease Prevention Poster.

We had fun!

I also visited Acorn to Oaks, a quality early childhood program in Hopewell Juction NY on the same morning. It was good to see old friends and share with the children about Lyme Disease and how to protect ourselves from those pesky little eight legged ticks.

“Stay away from that tick, he’ll make you feel sick.”

Be Healthy, Ms. Dawn


Update:  Awwww, A Thank-You Poster from Natural Wonders-It is beautiful! Thanks…..I especially love the socks tucked in the pants pic.

Thank-you poster from Natural Wonders

Lyme Disease Prevention is lesson # 5 in “The Singing Nurse-Health Lessons for Kids”

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Please comment below, what is your Lyme and Tick experiences….Send us your child’s drawing about Lyme Disease Prevention.

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