Keeping Moms & Kids Active During Bad Weather & Covid19

January 27, 2014 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures

The Singing Nurse Health Tip #1(updated 5/24/20)

What do you do on a snowy, windy, damp rainy or cold day?. Now we can add Covid19 to the list of situations that can keep us inside. How do you keep active in bad weather when you just want to curl up in your PJs? How do you keep your kids moving but not bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy? I pulled together a video from my archives that can help. The video shows a simple way to create an obstacle course and counting your laps. You can create an obstacle course to help you get moving while the little ones are sleeping or vamp it and make it appropriate for your young children. Keep it safe and keep it simple when doing an obstacle course with your kids. Put on some of your favorite music and get moving.

Watch the video below for a little encouragement and ideas.

I have also included a link here to which I will call “Busy Moms Keep Active sheets pdf”. You can tape the action sheets to your walls to create little stations of activity for you and the kids. Make sure and use blue painters tape if you decide to write the words on the walls as I did in the video. Blue painters tape comes off nice and easy.

You can write with blue painters tape like I have done below.

push ups picture

head and shoulders knees and toes

   jump 10 x picture    Or you and the kids can design your own action sheets, or print and use the simple ones I have created here. Busy Moms Keep Active sheets pdf.

pic of PDF active pics lighter crop w WS

I don’t know about you but it has been really cold here in the northeast. And, I know that even the slightest cooler weather often drives us all inside.

If you create a fun obstacle course I would love to see it, send me a picture. What would you add to an obstacle course to make it fun and educational for your kids?

Have Fun, Be Healthy,

Ms. Dawn

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